Daily Check-in Friday, January 6th, 2022


Hi Everyone,

Today I did more Phoenix Nation. I didn't realize how many offerings she has. She is tough! I did an upper body for back, shoulders, triceps and added on a lower body (no weights) + core and did another 10 minute tabata. I will do my own stretch.

Nora - I agree about increasing mobility with MPL workouts. I will end my subscription and just use youtube as I no longer do his longer workouts. Too much dread and I love variety in my workouts. His longer workouts are tough!

Great workouts yesterday everyone. So glad you got your stitches out Annette.

Have a great day everyone.
Hi Siobhan and all who follow,

Today I took a SHOWER!!! You don't know how great that felt.

Then I did a 46 minute Taebo off of YouTube with my wrist weights on. I modified a lot of the lateral moves because I didn't want to risk over doing it. I am still in the boot but there is no padding on my foot, only a sock. So I took it easy. I did sweat which was a good feeling.

I will go back to the gym next week.

Nice workout Siobhan.

Have a great weekend!!
Good morning & T.G.F.:)

Siobhan- Amazing job on today's workout with Phoneix Nation. You chose an upper body- back, shoulders, bi's & tri's (no weights) + core and a ten min stretch.
Then added on another stretch of your own. I hope you'll find the shorter MPL's great too. I've never done the longer ones, but I do enjoy the shot to moderate ones. Enjoy a beautiful Friday.

Annette- Yay STITCHES & you gotto take a SHOWER!! Wow, that's a huge deal, high fives! Then tackeled tday's workout with:
46 minute Taebo YT with wrist weights. It's good you modified as needed so as to take it easy on your foot. I say Bravo and triple high fives for doing all that with a boot on, amazing.

Hello's & waves to Linda. I hope you are having a great day;)

Here' today's workout:

YT- Kaleigh Cohen Cycling- 20 minute BOOSTED HIIT Ride= 21 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- 20 min Refreshing Active Recovery Ride= 21 Min
LITE- Metabolic Blast- Basic #2-Main w/o + 6 pack Abs #2= 51 Min

Have blessed Friday;)

Hi girls, great workouts....

I won't be working out for awhile, still having shoulder/arm issues, been to chiropractor 3 xs
this week, still having issues, a little better.....

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