Daily Check-in Friday, December 30th, 2022

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I did a mix of Cathe's latest live workout (it was kinda tough as she went pretty heavy) and I added on 15 minutes of jump rope dudes. I will do my own stretch. Knitting class today. Yeah!

I read about Cathe's shoulder injury but then kinda forgot about it. It's amazing she pre-recorded a bunch of classes when there are like 300+ to choose from. She's amazing. I wish Cathe a speedy recovery.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Does anyone make new year's resolutions?

I hope to see Lannette again soon.

have a wonderful day everyone and enjoy your fitness time.
Good morning!

Siobhan, I want to do yesterday’s Live workout later today, but I certainly will go lighter in weights! Do you like Jump RopeDudes? They have a lot of good workouts…..

Great workouts yesterday Nora & Annette…..hope your dr. Appointment goes well today, Annette….

Hi to Lannette!

As I posted above, I hope to do yesterday’s CatheLive- PHA Strength: Heavy Weights Express - 34 min. Later on today.

have a good day…
Happy T.G.I.F ladies:)

Siobhan- Great job on today's workout:

a Cathelive mix from her latest one plus added on 15 minutes of jump rope dudes, will add on own stretch.
Wow, good for you knitting class today, how fun. It's always fun to learn something new. Have fun;)

Annette- Healing prayers and well wishes on your foot and for good news from the doctor as well.

Linda- Have a good workout later with yesterday’s CatheLive- PHA Strength: Heavy Weights Express - 34 min. Later on today.
That sounds like a fun one. PHA is a fun one, enjy your Friday! ;)

Lannette- Hi! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and now a Happy New Year's wishes to add to that as well.;)

Here's today's workout:

YT- Movement Paralells Life- MOVE & STRETCH YOUR BODY | 20-min Bodyweight Workout - ACTIVE RECOVERY & PAIN RELIEF= 22 Min

KCM 30MTF- BoxFit- Workout #1 Boxing (Egg Weights)= 34 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Cycling- HIIT HIIT BOOM - 25 minute HIIT Indoor Cycling Class = 28 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Cycling- 20 minute HAPPY Rhythm Ride= 20 Min

Enjoy a blessed Friday and Happy New Year's everyone:)

Hi ladies,

The doctor changed my dressing and padded the surgical boot that was rubbing the side of my big toe enough to leave an intention.

So earlier I did about 15 minutes of kickboxing and weight work for shoulders and biceps. Now, I just did 30 minutes of floorwork for abs, legs and glutes plus weight work using 8, 10 and 12 pound dumbbells for chest flyes and press and triceps work and 1 back exercise.

Great day for workouts everyone!!

Keep up the great work!!

Oh and stitches come out next Thursday !! Yay!!

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