Hi gals,

Well bruises are starting to show on my knee leg and arm so I obviously hurt myself more than I thought when my leg went into the crawl space between the wood slat and door frame. Sigh!

Today I did 2 Taebo Expresses that were mostly all punching. I am using my anti inflammatory gel again to help with the swelling.

Have a great day and workout!!

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Hi Annette,

I hope your body heals quickly.

This evening and I did the first 20min of Bulk Back. I missed out on deadlifts (no big deal as they are usually also part of my leg day on Wednesdays) and reverse fly (also no big deal as they were part of shoulders yesterday). I did want to finish the workout, but Mick was awake and getting tired so I called it a day and took him for a walk instead, getting all my steps and then some done.

Hope everyone is having a good day. It was 18 degrees here this evening and tomorrow it's meant to get even warmer!

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Hey gals! I’m sorry Annette. I hope you heal up soon. Henriette you continue to impress me with how much you accomplish in a day. What’s your secret?!

Today I did KCM Cardio sculpt fitness with no upper body. Siobhan I thought of you.....In the beginning of this workout Kelly is going at a very brisk pace (Michelle Dozois). But Kelly’s cueing is kind of....horrible!! It’s a decent workout with great music so I stayed with it. But boy oh boy...cueing???

Linda where are you? We miss you. Hi to Elsie and Missy!!

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