Hi gals,

I did something to my knee and pretty much did nothing but church yesterday. After church it swelled up and hurt so I elevated it, iced it, and used heat throughout the day.

This morning it looked better and felt better so I put on the knee brace thing and went to teach my classes.

We did the more intense Silver and Fit workout which the 87 year old lady didn't think was much harder than the other original workout for that class. She was keeping up no problem and says my class is her favorite.

For my 2nd class most of the ladies were griping about doing kickboxing so to save the grumbling and my knee we did the Disco Circuit workout 1 instead.

I had 17 in my 1st class and 11 in my 2nd class.

Now my knee is not very happy with me, sigh.

Have a great day and workout!!

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Hi Annette. Wow! Doing classes while injured? That's dedication. I wonder sometimes if pain and injuries are their own little entities that travel around our bodies while we sleep. Just finding a new place to settle. That's how it is for me anyway. I hope your knee is nothing serious.

Today I did that Yvette workout that's step cardio and lower body. OOPS!! I did that one last month. Well, it was still pretty good and didn't kill me, so that's a plus.

I hope everyone is ok and doing their best. Thinking of you Linda! I miss your spark here. Hello to all who follow.
No workout today. I have a big project due Thursday and I was working on it most of the day.

My husband aspirated Saturday. He has problems with indigestion and he ate something and when he laid down he aspirated. Today he woke up with a fever and coughing and vomiting. We went to the doctor and he has pneumonia. Related to his aspirating they think. So I have to get to the doctor and get a prescription. He's miserable. So crazy!
Hi All,

Missy - sorry about your husband. I hope he recovers quickly.

Monday I didn't go for any long walks, but I did manage my 10.000 steps. In the evening I did RwH Chest, Shoulders & Tri's. Hadn't done that one in a long while and it felt different now that I dare to lift heavier than before. After the workout my arms were shaking when I was walking around with Mick and he's only 9kg. Too heavy a baby for right after working my muscles to exhaustion.

Annette - I hope your knee gets better soon.

Peg - I am with you on that theory... for both myself and Magnus I get the feeling our pains and ailments just keep moving around our bodies. I guess we are both demanding a lot from our bodies... me with my workouts and him with his basketball 5 days a week. The rest of the family don't have the same issues, but they also don't workout. So perhaps they have other issues that are just hidden.

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