Curt, I did as you directed..but??


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Hmm. I think I follow you with this, so bear with me if I get it wrong. I think what you copied into iTunes were files that were rendered by the WOB to create your final workout videos. Can you take a look in the following folder:

"Your Hard Drive" > Users > "Your User Name" > Videos > Workout Blender Videos >

and see if you can find videos with the same name as the Workouts that you created in the WOB. If you named your workout, for example, "My Morning Workout", you should see a file called "My_Morning_Workout.m4v" in that folder. This is the file that you would drag into iTunes and it will play through all of the chapters that you put into it, not just individual chapters. It will also have a black rectangular icon with the WOB logo in it.

Just to verify it, have you watched the tutorial video that you can access from the button at the lower left of the WOB window? This visually illustrates what I showed you above if you need more clarification on what I was talking about.

I hope this helps, but please let me know if I totally missed the target on what you were asking.

Good Morning Curt,
Yes, I did everything mentioned above. There is no "black rectangular icon" with the WOB logo to be found anywhere. What I do find though is a 'white box with a blue circle in the middle" with the letters XML beside it. When I open this file it shows all my encoding/thumbnails etc..from the Wo I created. I know I did everything right but am stumped as to why this is happening. Thanks Curt!

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