Crushed it!


Yah! WAY TO GOOOO Cathe!

I'm thinking Cycle Max today as I've worked my legs hard in class all week with Hi/Lo! So, CM will give me a hard, NON-IMPACT workout! :D


I'm on active recovery week from the 3 Month Transformation Rotation and plan on trying Yoga Max for the first time tonight! I LOVE Yoga Relax so I'm really looking forward to this!;)


I did Low Impact Challenge (the extreme premix) with an additional round of the combos, about 1 hour and 17 minutes! Feels AWESOME.

Now I am getting ready to do some yoga on my lunch hour. Thank goodness for telecommuting!



I did LIS Athletic Training this morning. Love, love this workout!! It has felt great getting back into my workouts after having been out of commission for a 1-1/2 weeks due to a pinched never in my back. It's been feeling great to gradually be getting back to Cathe's awesome workouts and sweating.

Thank you Cathe for all that you do for us. :)



I just did Lower Body Blast. First time doing it! I made it through the standing body work, about 45 minutes total. Fun-fun-fun! Can't wait to build up to being able to do the whole DVD!

Tonight I will probably head to the gym and do a little walking or light running on the treadmill.

Happy Friday everyone!


Today's my rest day. We are going to a concert. Buddy Holly, Big Bopper..(impersonators, of course!!)

Did Gym Style legs yesterday and I am feeling it today.

Been really enjoying the Gym Style series this past 3 weeks. Only did it once since I got it before this little run. Great series.



Athletic Training wiped me out today! I was gonna do Athletic Step but heard LIS AT calling my name.... :D So glad I listened!

Blizzard max is still working... already up to almost 30 inches of snow! Glad I can work & workout from home!

Happy Friday!



Muscle Endurance for me! I had almost forgotten about this one, til someone on FB mentioned it a week or two ago. I was originally scheduled for Muscle Maxe (my very first weight workout - still love it) but decided to do ME instead. Those dang biceps get me every time!!! And I happen to love all the leg presses.



I did Cardio SS then added parts of Turbo Barre to work UB and abs (also firewalker parts). It was a great combo. It took an hour and 20 minutes and my whole body feels worked out!


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Low Impact Circuit

Low Impact Circuit (aka, the green outfit in the woods video)

I dusted it off and realized that I forgotten how much fun it was! The push up segment is great. Plus, I love the Christopher Cross song routine ("walk walk turn...")!

What a great way to finish off a Friday!!!

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