Create a treadmill series please


Cathe, I beg of you please create a treadmill series workout. My boyfriend just purchased me one and I have been researching and there is nothing remotely exciting to get me going. You could incorporate a low intensity, intermediate and advanced, a HIIT with only treadmill and maybe a HIIT with treadmill and exercise and how about a treadmill circuit with treadmill and weights.

aqua girl

Oh, I would so love a treadmill series, or even a couple treadmill workouts with
Cathe....especially circuit style, treadmill sections interspersed with weight
Sections. True, everyone doesn't have a treadmill, but, everyone doesn't have a
Bike either and there are many bike workouts....


I'm in!!!! But have you tried iFit? I'm thinking about rejoining but now there is a fee. It used to be free years ago. But I would rather have a Cathe one!!!

aqua girl

I have not used Ifit streaming, my treadmill is older, I do have the sd cards with
My incline trainer, those are audio workouts and my treadmill uses the old vcr tapes which I don't fool with anymore. I actually use the Peloton app for the
Treadmill classes and bike workouts and they have some scenic workouts too.
I love that app! Wish I could afford the Peloton bike & treadmill, but I don't see
That in my future! :) I just think a Cathe treadmill workout would be awesome!
It would complete my fitness wheel!


Have you checked out The Gymbox app? They have tons of treadmill classes too. Some you can get on youtube or amazon for free I think.
Thanks. I looked at the workouts on youtube and amazon and they are different and free. So I'm going to try the youtube ones first. I also like that they have yoga, stretching, & pilates.

jamie vaughn

Sorry firemedic i didn't see your post until now. I actually go to orangetheory 2 -3 times a week and there are timed intervals on the treadmill anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes then recovery. Usually 30 minutes of the class focuses on this then some rowing and floorwork. I'm sure there's lots of youtube programs that can simulate this or just time yourself and run as fast as you can with recovery in between. It seriously leans my legs in no time and I'm someone who hates running.
I really like the book that David Siik Created. Its really good and gives some great workouts.


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