"Crazy Strong and Loving It!" for March 16"


Good morning girls,

I will do disc 7 and abs today! I never did my abs yesterday:mad:

Have a great Monday and workout!


Morning! Hi Belinda, gotta love missing those abs! :)

I did STS #1 this morning (DH and I are repeating week #1 only) and stability ball abs. I also did the 9 minute LIC blasts only at the end just to get a little cardio fix in today. I like repeating this workout, even with the 1,000 push ups- I understand the pacing a little better and got a more efficient workout. The abs did me in- those J things with one leg off the ball? Um, no. The one legged pikes? Um, no. My two legged pikes are already fairly sad looking so I'll stick to those. Eh, gives me something to work towards.

Have a great day everyone!
As I was catching up with my magazines on Friday, a rotation in M&F for Men caught my eye. It's something I would NEVER think to do - high endurance - but for some reason this article intrigued me.

It's called the "Tabata Training Style" and it works one body part a week. It calls for 8 sets but get this: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. No set reps here, just do the exercise until the timer goes off.

:eek: :eek:

Talk about getting out of my comfort zone.

So that's what I did this morning. I tried it with chest. I liked it. A lot.

I'm in a huge plateau right now and this should get my body burning fat again.

Two things I don't like about it: 1. It's a pain to do the 20/10 counts. I used two Pampered Chef timers. Worked well with Chest but I'm not sure how I'll do this when it comes to Squats. 2. My right shoulder got very fatigued. I could have definitely gone heavier with my weights but my shoulder just burned. Not sure why my left one was ok.

So here's my workout. Article says you need to cut your weight back to half of what you normally would use. Very high in intensity and my HR was up there through the whole thing. I wore my HRM to see how it was going. This week is trial/error with the weights.

10 minutes on treadmill for warmup.

3 minutes rest between each exercise.

On Toes: 13/13/13/11/10
On Knees: 12/13/13
***Wow, this was the hardest exercise. 10 seconds is VERY short for rest.

Incline Bench Press:
45# - 12/12/11/12/11/11/10/10
***Should have gone higher here.

Flat Dumbbell Press:
20's - 11/11/10/11/11/10/10/10
***Right shoulder started feeling it with these. I think this was a fairly good weight for this exercise.

Flat Dumbbell Flyes:
15's - 10/10/10/9/9/10/9/9
***This was light but my right shoulder was really burning.

I then got on the treadmill again for 15 minutes. Just did a light walk on an incline.

I sure hope I feel this in my chest this evening or tomorrow. I felt it more in the shoulder area. I'll be curious to see if I get sore from this.

HR stats after 10 minutes on treadmill and weight section:
40 minutes
0 minutes below zone
39 minutes in zone
2 minutes above zone (this was with the pushups)
306 calories burned

HR Stats after entire workouts:
1 hour
4 minutes below zone
55 minutes in zone
2 minutes above zone
427 calories burned

This rotation calls for little cardio. Doing the 20/10 training is endurance and is counted as cardio. I will be doing only one cardio workout a week doing this. You are only suppose to do this type of training twice a year for only 4-6 weeks. I will try to do it for 6 weeks and see what happens.
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Good morning Debbie, Patti and all who follos,

My DH is finally home, he come home earlier than expected:D He kinda through me off this morning! I did managed to get disc 7 plus ab circiuts " med, ball abs" in. He was asleep, time change:p

Debbie, your rotation sounds interesting! I need to check it out later! WTG on your workout!

Patti, great job with disc1 this morning!

Have a great day and workout everyone!

Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

Well I can tell I didn't get enough cardio last week my wt. is up a pound so thats 2lbs since I started this rotation. Tonite is 4ds LIS cardio only. Everyone have a good day.
Good Morning,

Well I can tell I didn't get enough cardio last week my wt. is up a pound so thats 2lbs since I started this rotation. Tonite is 4ds LIS cardio only. Everyone have a good day.
How's your eating, Roxie? Don't be quick to blame the workouts for your weight gain. Have you been eating clean 95% of the week? Are you counting calories and macros?


Today was the start of my official recovery week. I decided to do Kick Max Kickbox/Bootcamp Challenge! I burned 475 calories and it felt great to "take it easy" for once. I think tonight I will take the dog out for a walk/run around the neighborhood. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous today. :)

Debbie - interesting workout! It does sound tough!


Hi all. Today is the first day of my recovery week so I did TaeBo this morning. It felt so strange not to hear that STS music as I was starting to get awake and warmed up. It felt good to do something different and I feel like I do need a break.

Debbie-awesome workout but you never surprise me anymore!! As always, I bow down to you.

Have a good Monday,


Hey everyone!:)

I read what Debbie said about her workout- interesting idea. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Take care of that shoulder, maybe a little corn pillow action would help if its still sore later. ;) You guys always impress me and keep me motivated to keep working out and sticking with it. You guys rock!!!

I finished Meso cycle 1 Friday, so this is my active recovery week. I do feel weird not lifting weights today, but I'm sticking on track with STS as per Cathe's recommendations.

Today's Workout:

Cardio Coach Vol. 3= 45 min
Calories Burned= 553
BPM in Zone= 144-150 this was for approx. 30 min
BPM above Zone= 40 seconds @ 156.
Then cool down jog to walk = 5 min
Stretch = 6 min

CTX- All Step everything but No shoulder weight work = 43 min
Calories Burned= 411

that's it for me today, I still feel like I'm forgetting to do STS weights though. LOL!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoying there first day of active recovery week.




STS Disc 10 Chest, Shoulders, Biceps

Hey everyone. Today is Disc 10 for me. My hamstrings are still pretty sore from doing Legs on saturday. The workout went pretty well for me. I burned 498 calories. Then I proceeded to do the stability ball abs. Patti, when I read your post about this workout all I could do was laugh because I was pretty much where you were with this. That ski thing from side to side was a joke for me. I started going to the side on the first rep and I just never stopped. I looked around and I was on the floor. I didn't give up though I tried the "side to side with one knee in and other leg straight thingys". It was pitiful. I just watched the rest of it. I definitely like those exercises I just need to practice with them a while.

Oh thanks to for the suggestions on the wall squats Patti and Bev. I will definitely try the platform and if that doesn't work I will do them without the wieghts.

Debbie, your workout sounds interesting. I may need something to shake things up myself.

Next week will be a recovery week for me. I was kind of discouraged because I thought you do nothing during that time, but I see you guys are doing just cardio. Is that what I am suppose to do, just do cardios and no weights at all? I would feel better knowing I am doing something. Well have a great night everyone. Cya tomorrow.


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