Counteractive training


Hi Cathe (and all),

I read in a recent post regarding doing strength and cardio training in the same day that you may sacrifice the benefits of lifting if you engage in an aerobic activity afterward--I think the particular question asked how gains would be affected if you did a tough leg workout in the morning and did something like cycling later in the day. Does this apply in most cases? Or only if your area of concentration is particularly sore? And how exactly are those strength training benefits countered by the cardio? I had a conversation with a trainer once about how cardio and strength training work against each other--something about capillarization and muscle growth that, frankly, I didn't understand. Please help!

Similarly, does flexibility training have the same effect? Say, if you do PS Legs in the a.m. and do Yoga or Pilates at night (even if legwork was the priority there also). Beneficial or detrimental to any potential strength gains?

I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for any replies.



I'm interested too

Great question I'm interested in knowing the answer to your question being that i do weight training and cardio all on the same day all the time.I'm actually going for fat loss and definition not so much gain.Can't wait to hear a reply.

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