Countdown Link...welcome to the 60's friends!!

Yikes! I have been trying to narrow down what I am most excited about and I can't! I'm excited about everything!!!!!!!!
Wow, two months! I just completed a Mud Mucker race on a mountain here in NH. Now that I've survived that it is all about getting ready for the road trip. This will be my second. I'm most excited about experiencing the road trip without the anxiety that I had last year. I'm planning to be more outgoing this time. We'll see if I keep my promise to myself!
There is so much to be excited about! Cathe, Cathletes, food, fun, sweat, laughter... It is VERY hard to narrow down :eek: I'm going with one obvious choice and one sorta "is it just me?" choice.

Obvious: When Cathe walks in (or rather... "wooooshhhhhes" in which is definitely more her norm) to the first class on Friday! I love the excitement that she carries in with her during that first moment. I love the nervous excitement that shows on the faces of the first time roadtrippers and the pure joy in the smiles of those who have returned yet again for a good butt whoopin'!!

Is it just me?: I love when Cathe sings along to the music during a workout. Serioulsy, every once in awhile she'll throw out a couple lines and my heart smiles inside. It just symbolizes how happy she is to be up there doing what she's doing! (not to mention that the music is always totally ROCKIN'! Who the heck doesnt wanna sing along?!) :D
I'll narrow it down for you all....the WHOLE weekend!!! :eek::eek::eek:

I dunno Deb... not really looking forward to that goodbye portion! :(

lol... no really though, everything about it is magical! Even the HUGE DOMS that we get as an added take home bonus!
It is with my deep regret that I had to cancel! So sorry! I was so looking forward to meeting everyone. Do an extra push up for me.

Counting down is definitely half of the fun to the roadtrip. ANTICIPATION. I agree with Jenn, waiting for Cathe to come running into the room for that first workout on Friday is one of the best parts of the weekend. Love the link the the countdown ticker!

And so sorry to that Deb had to cancel. I hope your cancellation was driven, at least, by another happy event.

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