Congrats, Chicago Marathon Finishers!


Congrats are in order for two of our forumites...Carole (mckmain) and Emily (materialsgirl) on their outstanding marathon finishes Sunday! Very tough conditions out there, but they soldiered through the heat and the crowds when many others succumbed. Emily even PR'd!

WTG, are both such a huge inspiration!

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Thanks Cathy...:)....having you (Taco) and Gloria for support helped me so much. And knowing Emily was out there too, I knew I wasn't the only crazy person!! Marathons are always tough....but I sure looked forward to that Beer at the end!!! And then the pizza...YUM!!!

Thanks Stephanie...:)
I was only a spectator and was sweating like crazy just cheering everyone on! AWESOME job ladies!!!!!
Awww, thanks Cathy! It was so great to see you there cheering in full taco gear! :D It was a very tough marathon (I told myself many times during the last 8 miles "I am NEVER doing this again!") but we all got through it. And I'm already looking for my next marathon. So much for "never doing this again!" :p :cool:

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