Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023


Today was a walk outside. The cake boss (Buddy Valastro) was sitting across the room from us. I wanted to see if he ordered dessert;)

Belinda - Nice SBF workout! When we were in FL, I asked if I could have a breakfast burrito with just vegetables and not meat. I was told that would be too difficult for the kitchen staff.

Cookie - I'm happy your power & internet are back. I can't imagine getting all that snow in March. Hopefully some Springlike weather will quickly melt it. I remember how difficult it was to drive when we had 30 inches a couple of years ago. The book did have some slow parts and some people did not like the book. I thought it was interesting.


Today I did SBF planks and stretch. I have a follow up appointment for my sinus tomorrow.

The office floor is done. I love it.

Debbie - that is nonsense they couldn't make you a veggie burritos, lol. I am glad I don't go out much anymore. We call ahead of time when we go out. Too many food alleges when we go out with DIL and DD. That is cool you sat Cake boss. Great job on your walk.

Cookie - I hope you have a great weekend.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside. It was colder than I thought:(

Belinda - Good work with planks & stretch. Good luck tomorrow with your follow-up appointment:) Do you feel improvement?

Waves hi to Cookie


I did this morning SBF Feel good Cardio. Didn't feel like doing much today.

I went and saw the sinus surgeon for my follow up. I been having a lot of bleeding, this weekend it wouldn't stop. He had to cauterized my left nostril. My nose isn't feeling so well. Hopefully it will stop the bleeding.

Debbie - it's cold outside. You are brave. I don't think my nose can handle cold air today. Maybe tomorrow? I do feel improvement.

Cookie - how are you doing?


Today was a walk outside & Lean Legs. It wasn't too cold. I needed to run errands the stores were so crowded.

Belinda - Kudos on getting in a workout. DH & I had our noses cauterized as children and it wasn't very pleasant. I hope it helps stop the bleeding. Take it easy I bet it takes a lot out of you.

Waves hi to Cookie


Today I did SBF upper body then a nice stretch. Keeping it light this week.

Debbie - it wasn't too bad when he cauterized it. My nose was bordering me last night. I am still bleeding a little. Hopefully it will stop soon. Thank you. Great job on your leg workout.

BBL! I need to get some groceries.
'Evening! Had a late meeting last night and forgot to check in. Finally got out for a walk today. The weather was nice, even though there is snow.

Deb, did you get to see if the Cake Boss ordered dessert? I've requested the book. Thanks for the recommendation.

Belinda, hope the bleeding has stopped now. Good thinking to keep your workouts light this week.

Today was a walk outside & upper body at the gym. I was so nice out but March is so unpredictable.

Belinda - It's good to keep it light. I am still frustrated when I go to the store it seems like each week there are different items they are out of.

Cookie - Hopefully this weather will melt the remaining snow for you. It must be hard getting around all of it. I didn't see if the Cake Boss ordered dessert, he was with a large group. I was thinking does he invite everyone back to his house for dessert;)


Today I did SBF cardio plus stretch. I also went for a walk outside. It's in the 60's. I'll take it.

My Orthopedic called me, I have a meniscus tear and a baker's cyst behind my knee. The Orthopedic wants to try injections before I get a full knee replacements. I try anything before surgery.

Debbie - I will take it easy this week. Great job on your walk and UB workout. I went to Wegmanns yesterday, their produce wasn't good. I had to go to another one, they had all the fresh produce. I ate it too when they out and I have to go to so many different grocery stores just to find anything. I am taking a Vegan Lebanese cooking class on Saturday via zoom. She linked a lot of stuff to Amazon, I figured by the time I try to find all those things around the DC area, it isn't more expensive than ordering it from Amazon.

Cookie - the bleeding is better. Now I have a huge crust inside my nose, which is bordering the heck out of me. Hopefully you will get better weather soon.

I will be back later.
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'Evening! Got in a walk today. The weather was beautiful. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so it was nice to be able to get outside today.

Deb, we're supposed to get more snow on Sunday, but I'm pleased that some of what came last week is already melting. Have you ever gone to the Cake Boss's place in Hoboken? Every time I've walked by there, there's a long line.

Belinda, hope he can repair the tear w/o surgery. I've had a quite few baker's cysts and think only two ever got drained. They're definitely aggravating! Take it easy!

Today was a walk outside & zoom yoga. It was a really nice day, but expecting rain tomorrow night thru the weekend:(

Belinda - Nice work with SBF cardio! The temps were good. Your class sounds like fun, easier to go through Amazon. I agree try the injections for your knee.

Cookie - Beautiful day for a walk, fingers crossed they are wrong about you getting snow. The cake boss had a store in our town. It didn't do well and closed after a few years. I only went in once and bought cookies should have tried the cake.


Today I did SBF UB. No walk today, Sadie got an influenza vaccine. She needs it for the groomer. She been sleeping most of the day. She is fine now. Playing and eating.

Debbie - thank you. I pickled vegan Lebanese beets and turnips for the cooking class on Saturday. I have more prep to do tomorrow. DH will cook along. I hope the shots will help. Great job on your zoom and walk outside.

Cookie - thank you. I hope I will find some relieve, it's very aggravating. My knee locks and gets stiff/lots of swelling. I will see what he will do on April 26th?

Good night.
'Evening! Did shoulders 100, front, laterals, Arnolds, and a few others. M shoulders are fried!

Deb, it was a rainy, dreary day here, so I didn't get outside for my lunchtime wal. How were the cookies from the Cake Boss?

Belinda, my ds's dog who's been with us for a few years got a rabies and distemper shot today,so she's a littler more lethargic today. Hard to tell since none of ours have much energy. Hope Sadie is well tomorrow.

Today was a walk outside after the rain stopped. I had my hair colored and the girl receives an emergency call from her DH. She didn't seem in a rush to get it. When she did he needed to know his pants size LOL:D

Belinda - Nice work with SBF upper body. I didn't realize dogs could get influenza vaccine. You will have to let us know how you like the food you cook.

Cookie - I'm sure your shoulders were on fire. It was rainy, dreary but cleared up late afternoon, even warmed up. I wasn't crazy about the cookies because I bought different varieties and they all tasted the same.

Good morning,

SBF Keep It Real Spring Challenge D5 BarreAmped Tight work and seat work plus stretch is done.

Debbie - the clinic (Loudon county) I take Sadie to get groomed had a bad outbreak of influenza in dogs. I was told some places had shut down due to the outbreak. I can't get her groomed unless she get the shot. My vet is in WV, there are no requirements or outbreaks of influenza in animals. I wasn't happy to get her the shot. I thought about grooming Sadie myself. They make it look like so easy on YT :) I rather get her the shot and she looks like a yorkie. I'll bet you look fabulous with your new hair. I am trying to get my hair done before I leave for Fl. That is funny the girl receiving an emergency call. Great job getting your walk in yesterday.

Cookie - Sadie is due for more shots in June. Sadie wasn't happy at the vet yesterday. It only took them a few minutes. How are your dogs doing today? Sadie is fine. She slept a lot yesterday.

I have an orthodontist appointment today. Getting new tray's. When will it stop? I hope she will take most of my attachments off today. I am getting tired of all this.


Today was a walk outside & upper body at the gym. We are going to get a bite to eat.

Belinda - It sounded like a nice SBF workout:) It crazy how it seems like so many more germs around even for dogs. Are your teeth showing improvements?

Waves hi to Cookie

Have a great weekend:)
'Evening! Didn't get in a wo today, just regular life.

Deb, lol at the stylist! Guess she's used to her dh's emergencies. I would have been disappointed in the cookies also. Did you go out for dinner tonight?

Belinda, the dog seems okay. I wasn't home most of the day though. Only one of mine needs a groomer, and he doesn't need a vaccine. The other two are short hairs, and I can just brush them. I groomed our goldens, when we had them but this Shih Tzu is much harder to have stay still.

I took a vegan Mediterranean cooking class today. I also mad falafels with Tahini sauce, Fruit salad infused with Rosewater and fresh mint, Hummus, Mexican squash stuffed + potatoes and more. I had a lot of fun cooking along. Have a lot of left overs. DH and I also made vegan risotto, we had to use up all the different mushrooms I bought this week. No cooking for the next few day's.

I did managed to get in a workout after the cooking class. I did SBF BC UP + Core + stretch.

Debbie - yes, it's crazy dogs can get all the same stuff we do. I was very surprised. My teeth made a huge improvement. Ortho which I haven't seen see went on modernity leave, was very happy with my teeth. I should be done with Invisalign in 14 weeks. It's been a long 5 years. I am so happy when I am done.

Cookie - glad your dog is ok. All my other dogs didn't needed a groomer. Sadie is does need one or she looks like a rat, lol.

Good night.

Today was a rest day. My HS friend came and we spent the day at my SILs house. The weather wasn't the best but it was nice catching up.

Belinda - In HS there was a food truck that sold falafels and it was such a treat when we would get them. Your cooking class sounded like it was fun and you have food prepared for a few days! It's great that you only have 14 weeks to go and have seen an improvement:)

Cookie - We went to a restaurant that will be closing next week. It was one of the few seafood restaurants nearby. The owner sold the property because it was a deal he couldn't pass up. After a visit to Italy, he hopes to find a new location.

'Evening! Visited ds and dil in NYC yesterday. Had Koreen bbq and visited the Morgan Library. Boy, that is an amazing place. Read the Private Librarian, which made me really want to see the place. Lots of steps yesterday. Today was upperbody and standing abs. Nieces and theirs, and my eldest son over today, so now I'm worn out.

Deb, good thing you went there before it closes! Bet, that owner is going to really enjoy his vacation. Hope you enjoyed the day with your HS friend and sil.

Belinda, that class sounds good, and all the left overs! I'm such a big fan of leftovers! My dd had Invisilign for three years. Wonder if for some reason that kind takes longer?

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