Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023

Good morning,

IRON Series 30 Min Dumbbell Glute Workout - Supersets | Day 18 plus stretch is done.

Debbie - that's along time dealing with shingles. Yikes! I hope you on your way to feeling better. Maybe I should look into the shot. DS does like the warmer climate.Great job on your workout.

Cookie - glad you got some sleep. Great job on your CL workout.

I have a physical therapy appointment for my back. BBL

Today was a walk outside it was in the 60's. Wish it could stay this way;) Also did zoom yoga. Surprisingly not a lot of New Year's resolutioners so far at the gym. The manager was telling me about 50% of the gym membership are paid every month but they don't come. She said it's a good thing because they wouldn't know what to do if everyone showed up:p

Belinda - Nice glute and stretch workout! I would discuss with your Dr. about the Shingles vaccine. For some reason it seems like more people are getting it. I don't remember my Grandma or Mom's generation getting Shingles.

Waves hi to Cookie & Melissa

'Morning! Got home from book discussion last night and then forgot to check in. Sorry. Yesterday was CL 419 Lift It, chest & tris and a walk. Planning on getting another walk in today.

Deb, sure hope you don't have shingles that long. My mom had it, and she said it was worse than childbirth! Not sure how long it was, but it was definitely months. Gyms must make a good amount of money on people who don't show up. With you, they lose!

Belinda, hope the pt is helping. Its definitely worth asking your dr about getting the shot. Did you say you had had the first one of the two?

Today I walked outside, I also did a stretched afterwards.

Debbie - I been hearing about a lot of people getting the shingles too. That worries me a little. I am not sure if I can get the 2nd shot since it's a live vaccine. I had the first one before covid hit.I never got the 2nd shot. I will discuss it with my doctor next week. Gyms make a lot of money this way, lol. I would love to go to a gym. I miss going. We do have one, but it's so crowded. Glad you starting to feel better.

Cookie - the PT is helping a lot. I still have a lot of problems with my Bicep/shoulder and knee. I will see my doctor next week. I am trying not to get the steroid shot in my shoulder this month. I will discuss the shot with him next week too. Great job on CL 419.

That's it for me today.
Me again. Actually got two walks in today and almost 9 miles! Didn't sleep well last night, so am hoping this will help.

Deb, how was your day? Do you follow a rotation or a plan for your workouts? You are always consistent in your workouts. Very inspiring!

Belinda, do you bring a written list of questions with you to the dr? I always think I'm going to forget something, so I bring a list w/me when taking my tio to his appointments. I'm wondering what others do.

Today was a walk outside. I also went to the gym and did a full body workout. I am starting to have more good days than bad. One was really bad and another not so much. Each day the rash is getting better. My lymph node is still swollen but not painful anymore.

Belinda - Nice to get your walk in. The weather is changing here so trying to get the most of it. I'm wondering if one shot is better than none. It's strange because they don't even know how you get it. It's good that your PT is helping.

Cookie - Lots of miles for you:), we are lucky that so far the winter hasn't been too bad. I think you will sleep well. My first thought this is the worse pain I've ever been in. Hopefully like childbirth you forget;) I try and do 2 upper body & 2 lower body workouts and if I have an extra day a light full body workout.


I did Iron Day 20 FB this morning and yoga. I also did clean max :)

Debbie - the weather is already changing her in WV. I am glad you starting to feel better each day. Sorry about your lymph node. I hope that will go away soon too. You poor thing :( I have so much going on right now with my health, the shot has to wait. I am sick since Nov. My noise is running/stuffey every day, they can't figure out what is causing it. I already did a round of antibiotics in Nov. Tonight I will get a CT scan. That will hopefully show what is going on. I can't hardly sleep with my noise:(

Cookie - how did you sleep after all that walking? Great job. I do bring a list with me to my appointments, otherwise I forget half what's going on with me, lol.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.

Today was a walk outside, it is starting to get cold again:( We are going to dinner tonight. My niece and nephew who are so careful tested positive for Covid.

Belinda - Nice workout & walk today. Thank you, you are going through a lot too. You have a positive attitude which I'm sure helps you get through it. I hope the test pinpoints what is causing your noise issues. I'm sure it is so difficult to sleep. Does a humidifier help?

Waves hi to Cookie & Melissa

Have a great weekend:)
'Evening! Slept good last night - TG. Today was CL 421 Shoulders. It also had legs, but I can't do lb weights, so got a walk in.

Deb, I've heard from people who've had shingles it is painful, and you can get it from someone who has or been exposed to chicken pox. It can lay dormant in us for a while before manifesting. Scaring, huh? Glad you're doing better, and hope the better days or more than the painful ones.

Belinda, sure hope you catch a break soon. It must be difficult to sleep.
Hi everyone,

Yoga is done. I will try to go for a walk later. I had a CT scan done yesterday. I hope to find out soon what is causing it.

Debbie - so sorry your niece and nephew tested positive for Covid. Wishing them a speedy recovery. I do try to keep a positive attitude and yes, it helps me to get through it. I should hear something by Monday. I am seeing the allergist on Monday too. I do use a humidifier.

Cookie - glad you got a good night sleep.Great job making CL 421 work for you. Walking is good for your legs. I hope I catch a break soon too. It's very difficult to sleep.

Have a great weekend.
'Evening! Got in a longer walk today.

Deb, hope you don't get Covid. There is so much going around.

Belinda, hope you're able to get a good night's sleep and soon get some relief.

Today was a walk outside and food shopping. The store wasn't crowded which was nice.

Belinda - Nice yoga workout & walk! I hope you get your results soon. An allergist sounds like a good idea.

Cookie - It's great you had a good night sleep. Nice workouts and walk! It's funny I told DH if he had the Shingles I can't imagine how he would handle it. I would have to move out till he was better LOL.


Iron UB + abs is done. Two more weeks, I am done with Iron.

Debbie - I had to go grocery shopping today. It wasn't too bad. Great job on your walk yesterday. I hope I get the results from the CT scan tomorrow.

Cookie - I didn't sleep well last night. I see the allergist morrow. Great job on your long walk.

Have a great Sunday, everyone.
'Evening! Not sure how the weekend flies by so quickly! Got in another, even longer walk, and am still trying to get ready for work week!

Deb, honestly, my dh wouldn't be able to handle shingles - he barely manages a cold! Has he had the shot? How was your dinner the other evening?

Belinda, hope the allergist can provide some relief and that you get a good night's sleep soon! Any idea what you might do after Iron?

Today was a walk outside. DH (younger) & his gf came for dinner. I think I forgot to tell you, they were engaged during the holiday. I’m shocked at how fast the planning is going. They set a date for the Fall.

Belinda - Your Iron rotation is going fast. Since the holidays are over, hopefully you will get results soon.

Cookie - Nice walk! it was sunny here so that helped. DH was asked by his Dr. in the summer but now I think he will;). I agree the weekends go so fast.


I got the results from the allergy test and CT scan. I had a choice to do a blood allergy test or the one where you get poked. I picked the poking one. I have zero allergy except for mold.. The allergist didn’t think my running noise are related to mold.

My ENT called about the CT scan. I have a blockage in my left sinuses. She wants me to ton antibiotics and steroids. She also wants me to see a sinus specialist for probably surgery.

No workout today. I am visiting DD in DC.
i will be back tomorrow.
Last edited:
'Evening! Back, shoulders, chest and Essentrics today. Didn't sleep well last night, so now I'm dragging.

Deb, Congratulations! That's so exciting! When my son was getting married, I wished there was a book of what the future mil is supposed to know and do. Have you already started thinking about your dress?

Belinda, mold is such a horrible thing. Wonder why surgery they are thinking of doing. I had a few, and while not pleasant they helped.

Today was a walk outside & upper body at the gym. I was so tired today, hoping to get a good night sleep.

Belinda - Hopefully the antibiotics work and no need for surgery. How do they feel about your having surgery? Have fun visiting DD.

Cookie - Nice Essentrics today! You are right I have no idea what I should be doing as a future MIL. I wore a dress to my nieces wedding, I would love to get something similar. When my SILs son was getting married her DIL had her send a picture of the gown she bought. It was to similar to her Mom's so they had her get another one. It really wasn't that similar and she couldn't get her money back:rolleyes:

I am back: I did Iron D21 Legs

I picked up today the antibiotic and prednisone. I couldn't pick up the meds yesterday, my ENT had to confirm with my rheumatologist if I could take another round of prednisone. I also made an appointment for the 17th with the sinus specialist (Rhinologists). I have an appointment for the steroid shot for my shoulder, I probably have to cancel that one. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my doctor, I will discuss it with him.

Debbie - I need to get the infection down. My ENT thinks I need the surgery, she sees me when I have sinus/ear infections and to rule out RPC. I don't know what she saw on the CT scan. She works very close with my Rheumatologist. My ENT is sending me to 17th with the sinus specialist (Rhinologists). I keep you posted.

Cookie - I honestly don't know what she saw on the CT scan, whatever it was she thinks I need surgery to clean up/fix my sinus cavities to prevent further infections like the one I am having right now. I can't breath out of my left nose. In 2009 I ended up having emergency surgery on my left sinus cavities. This one reminds me of it. I have acute sinus/ear infections as long as I can remember.

I will be back later.
'Evening! Today was Essentrics only. Wanted to get in a walk but too many other things got in the way.

Deb, a wedding is so exciting. I was fortunate, my dil was okay with my dress. Sometimes emotions and reactions can get pretty interesting.

Belinda, hope there is relief real soon.

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