Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023


We came home tonight. It was a nice trip but tiring from so much visiting and running around. Looking forward to getting back to a routine.

Belinda - Nice X-train workout:)

Cookie - Happy to hear you had a good time!

Good morning,

XTrain Cardio Leg Blast modified is done. I am following Cathe's May 22 rotations.

Debbie - glad you had fun with your family. I was tired from visiting and running around too. Maybe take a few day's off. Just relax.

Cookie - I hope your meeting went well yesterday.

I will be back later.
'Afternoon! Wanted to check in before I forget! Have a meeting starting soon, and think I may crash after it. Another day for Essentrics! Funny, the more I do it the more, I'm getting out of it and feeling it.

Deb, hope you had a good time visiting your relatives. Isn't Nashville interesting? I'm with you on getting back into a routine.

Belinda, happy to hear you had such a nice time visiting your family. How are you feeling?

Today was a walk outside, it was so nice:) I also did zoom yoga. I can't believe Memorial Day is this weekend!

Belinda - Sounds like a good rotation. Yoga was relaxing:)

Cookie - Nice work with Essentrics:) How is your foot feeling? Nashville has been changing since our relatives moved their about 10 years ago. Some of it is good and some not so much.

Good morning,

XTrain Chest, Shoulder and Back is done.

Debbie - so far, I like the rotation. Not sure, if I can keep up with all the high impact cardio? Great job on your zoom yoga and walk.

Cookie - great job on your Essentrics workout. How are you feeling? My RP is still going crazy :( I have an appointment with my Rheumatologist and PennUni (for a RP study). The last vaccine did a number on me.

Have a great workout and day everyone.
'Evening! Another Essentrics workout this morning. They're doing a 10-days series on hips and core, which I'm loving.

Deb, my foot is definitely still bothering me. It repeatedly wakes me up at night. Guess I'm going to have to learn to live with it. I'm okay walking on level surfaces, but inclines and uneven surfaces really are painful, as is wearing closed shoes. Told DH we need to move our house to a warmer climate. Are your renovations complete?

Belinda, sorry your RP is still going crazy. I'm coming to the sad realization that I'm just probably not gong to be able to do many of the things I enjoyed in the past. However, I did have the opportunity to enjoy them for a long time, and now it's time to investigate some others - like Essentrics. A few times I've been quite sick and I'll take this over that.

Today was a walk outside & Perfect 30 pump lower body at the gym.

Belinda - Nice X-train workout! You are good at modifying so hopefully it works out. I hope your RP starts feeling better.

Cookie - Sounds like a fun Essentrics series. It does seem like at night is when things bother us the most:( The good thing is you are aware of what causes pain to avoid. Our renovations are just about done, need to make a punch list and they will do repairs hopefully next week.


I did Cardio Core Circuit modified.

DH and I made a lot of progress in his office. I am impressed at how much he is getting rid off :)

Debbie - thank you! Nice job on your walk on LB workout. Glad your renovations are almost done. I know you excited to have your kitchen back.

Cookie - thank you! I hear you on coming to the sad realization on not doing many things I once enjoyed. I have to modify quit a bit and go at a slower pace these day's.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside before the thunder storms. I also did Perfect Pump 30 upper body at the gym. We don't have much going on this weekend, grabbing a bite to eat tonight.

Belinda - Nice workout! I'm glad you made progress at the office.

Waves hi to Cookie

Have a great weekend:)

I did XTrain Legs today. I love XTrain workouts. Everything about it is fun. What are your plans this weekend? DH and I have nothing planned.

Debbie - we also got thunder storms yesterday. Great job on PP30 UB. Enjoy your weekend. I am glad too we made progress at the office.

Cookie - what are your plans this weekend?

Have a great evening.

Today was a walk outside in the evening. We had thunder storms in the morning but it cleared up later in the day.

Belinda - Nice workout, I love X-train workouts too. We don't have anything planned. Will make some BBQ food on Monday. I will cook inside, we haven't used our outside grill in years.

Cookie - Do you swim in the lake?

Good morning,

Early walk outside is done.

Debbie - nice job on your walk last night. We will cook a vegan meal or make mushroom burgers with sage ?

Cookie - did you buy JS new workouts?

Have a great Sunday, everyone.

Today was a walk outside, it was nice out. I also did a big sauce which I froze for a few more Sundays.

Belinda - Nice walk, it gets really hot here tomorrow & Tuesday:( The mushroom, sage burger sounds really good:)

Waves hi to Cookie

Good morning,

Tabatacise is done.

Debbie - nice walk yesterday too. It's already hot outside. No walk this morning, I may walk this evening with the dogs. You are so good making your sauces each.

Cookie - you must be busy. How are you doing?

Enjoy your day today.

Today was a walk outside, before it was too hot. It felt like I spent the whole day cooking again. I made pasta & potato salad and probably ate too much of it:oops:. It was a quiet Memorial Day here.

Belinda - Nice walk:) Tomorrow it's supposed to be really hot!

Waves hi to Cookie

Good morning,

RWH Back & Biceps is done.

Friday I have an ENT appointment. Next week I have Pulmonology for a pulmonary function test and a CT scan to look for lower airway involvement. I need those test for Penn Uni this next month.

Debbie - sounds like you had a nice MD yesterday. It's too hot lately for me to walk. I am too tired to walk early, lol. Good for you, getting your walk in. It's already hot outside.

Waving Hi to Cookie!

Have a great day and workout.

Today's walk knocked me out. It really hit me at the 1/2 way point. I also did High Reps. It was 95 degrees here today.

Belinda - Nice workout! You have lots of Dr.'s appointments, good so they can help you out. Are most of your appointments close by?

Cookie - You must have lots to catch up on after your vacation.

'Evening! Boy, while I love this time of year, I'm like a duck trying to look calm on the surface and paddling like crazy when no one's looking. I'm swamped trying to catch up on work, plus visitors. Sorry for complaining.

Deb, how's is it cooking in your new kitchen? We use our outside grill a lot. Well, actually, my dh does. I have him convinced he's the best darn grill boy around. Bought him cookbooks, new tools/toys, and he's happy to grill at long as the weather is pretty good. I appreciate the little clean up. Did you do the salads for Memorial Day?

Belinda, mushroom burgers with sage sounds really good! I'm just finishing up a beet salad and veggie burgers for us.

Today I did RWH Legs. I had to modify all the high impact cardio.

Debbie - no, they all spread out. The Penn Uni, is far from where I live. It is what it is, right. Please, be carful. It's too hot to walk outside. How is your kitchen going alone?

Cookie - that is funny you convinced your husband he is the best cook :) Sorry you have so much going on.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside & zoom yoga. It was nice out but this evening bad thunder storms, our house shook:( I feel bad for the dogs in the neighborhood.

Belinda - Nice workout better to modify. Sometimes it's better to travel if a Dr. is good. Next week, we should have our punch list completed.

Cookie - I could just imagine how busy you must be at the end of the school year. It's funny about your DH's BBQing:) I'm trying to convince my family, I am a better cook since the kitchen is renovated;)


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