Commit to get fit & lean for Feb 1, 2012


Hi girls,

Please tell me I'm not going alone to the NJ roadtrip. I hope if you were trying your in (fingers crossed). I'm within one # of last year's.

Today I did a cardio bootcamp & followed it up with yoga. It is beautiful outside, I did open my windows a bit too! I'm going to finish my computer work but may step out and get some ingredients for dinner 1st.

Belinda - Are you & Alesia going?

Kristin - I hope you decided to try.



Deb: You are NOT going alone :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: Can't wait to see you again. So excited to be going back.

Kristin, Belinda, Cookie & Kristin: I so hope I can see you again too!!!!!!!!!

BBL, somehow I have to calm down and get back to work! :rolleyes:


I'm going too!!! YAY DEB!!!!!!!!!! Kristin, Cookie, Belinda...what about you girls?!

OK, off to do some was neglected all day because of RT excitement :confused:


Evening ladies,

Belinda: So what did you end up doing? You never came back so I figured you got down to business.

Cookie: Did you pull into a parking lot and sign up for the RT? I would love to see you again as well.

Hi Mel and Trish. Glad I'll be seeing you again.

Hi to everyone else.

Tonight I did live fit trainer for backs and biceps. I was pooped by the end and bicep curls with a band and 5lbs raised my heartrate to 155. :confused: Now I am trying to stay out of the kitchen. :eek:


I'm in, I'm in, and I'm so excited. And yes, Helene, I did pull into a parking lot to register. Only it was so cloudy out and taking so long, i was getting anxious. So, I stood outside pointing the ipad towards SUNY, hoping to increase the connection speed. Not sure if it worked or not, but it sure caused many strange looks. Oh well, I've gotten rather used to being different.
Belinda, I'll be happy to test any wine you and your dd make. Our first few years we did a large garden, but I had a hard time keeping up with it. After not having much of one for a while, two years we put in a much smaller one, and that's been good. I love fresh tomatoes! What about you?
Deb, you are most definitely not alone! Like you and Kristin, I was deliberating on it, but then all morning kept thinking about it, and then when I logged into the site, I was like I really want to do it. How much of a heel do you usually wear? Today I had 2.5 inches and that was plenty for me.
Helene, one of my sons went to Atlantis and had a fabulous time. Sounds like you did too, other than your poor boy getting ill. TG for grandparents!
Kristin, today a child got sick to his stomach right in front of me! Felt so bad for him, but couldn't wait to take a bath in Purell! Spent most of my day with my coat in the car and wore my sweater.
Melisssa and Trish, glad to hear we'll be seeing each other! I'm smiling just thinking about it. Wonder if Iris tried and is going.
Going to read the newspaper to relax so I can sleep 'cause now I have to keep up with those workouts.



I'm so excited that a bunch of us are in:) I think Iris was going to try too, so hopefully she made it. This year seemed to sell-out quicker than last year.

Helene - You made it home just in time, you would have needed to beg the front desk to use their computers:eek:

Melissa - I'm excited for you, best way to spend your summer vacation.

Trish - I was hoping you would come:)

Cookie - Maybe people thought you were pointing you ipad towards heaven little did they know you were praying;) My computer kept freezing, was afraid to use the ipad because didn't think it would be strong enough:confused: but it seems like people did get in using it. I wear about 2.5 heels for work, but I currently wearing a soft wedge so it is comfortable.

Kristin - I'm hoping you decided to go, wondering about Jessica too.


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