Collard chips or anything else?


I have some collards that are growing like crazy. Does anyone know if they can be made into chips like kale--or does anyone have a good recipe?
Just cook them up with some beef sausage or ol' fashioned ham shanks and onions. That's some good eatin'. Wish I had your problem. I love collards. don't necessarily like cooking them because they take so long (2-3 hours)but man when they're done they are so good.
Collard Chips

Funny that you asked that question because I substituted collards for kale in my usual recipe for chips yesterday and they turned out great! I use a dehydrator instead of the oven so they dry out more slowly and maintain all the vitamins and minerals.
I usually just wash the greens thoroughly, shake to dry and toss with a combination of olive oil, whatever herbs you want, apple cider or white vinegar, Braggs liquid aminos, garlic powder and onion powder, nutritional yeast and some sea salt. The vinegar makes them taste like salt and vinegar chips. Toss them to cover and spread out on Excalibur usually takes 8 hours and 105-110 degrees.

They are delicious and are great for putting in salads or simply munching.
Thank you both for the great recipes! I made the sausage one first with organic chicken sausage and it was delicious. Next week there should be more and I will try the chips. I do not have a dehydrator though so I hope the oven works.

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