Does any take these (in powder form)? If so, have they found skin/joint benefit (particularly with menopause)? Are the unflavored powders truly unflavored?


I use collagen & believe it is helpful with skin IF you use a quality product as there have been reports of people having skin eruptions/outbreaks with some brands. I also use it to help joints & bone & the unflavored I use is tasteless. I use both unflavored (less expensive) & flavored when it's on sale. I usually put it in my morning coffee.


I was using Primal Kitchen until I found Thrive Market's chocolate flavored collagen peptides. I'm about to turn 60 and don't have any wrinkles on my face. I've never had any issues with rashes or breakouts.


I also take collagen and feel like it helped my recovery from a knee injury as well as improved my hair and skin. After much research, I settled on trying one from MAV Nutrition and one from Sports Research. Both have quality products (and MAV has great customer service), but Sports Research wins for being truly unflavored. They have a fantastic chocolate one too.
I'm a big fan of Further Foods Collagen, which I buy from Costco. It seems well sourced, high quality. The price is great and the chocolate flavor is delicious. I don't have an amazing before/after testimonial for collagen, but there is research that supports supplementation, and I figure I may as well add it to my regimen of other supplements.

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I have been supplementing with Vital Proteins... doesn't impact flavor at all. The version I take includes hyaluronic acid and vitamin c. I noticed after two months that my joints started to feel less achy. My hair and nails are growing great. Now I have noticed that my scalp, skin on my legs isn't so dry and my nails aren't brittle. I had always taken vitamin e and fish oil but I think this with the other two has been what I have needed together.


Are you attributing the no wrinkles to the peptides?
Not completely, no. The females on my mother's side of the family never looked their age so I must be taking after them. I will say that I don't suffer from joint pain and that could be attributed to using collagen peptides.


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Yes, I've started taking them a few months ago and they, indeed, have great benefits. After I heard my friends bragging about its great effects, I had to try it as my joints were really inflamed and would always cause me pain. Besides this, my skin looks a lot healthier! Maybe it's the placebo effect, I don't know, but I'm satisfied. I'm personally buying from you might try these too, but if you're not sure, please talk to your doctor. He knows your medical history and it may be the best option for you.
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I've been taking it for quite some time, since summer and I can tell a difference in some of my joints. I have some arthritis from injuries in a finger and in the top of my right foot and if I take it daily, it basically doesn't hurt at all.

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