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Hi Diver782, our 6ft round Yoga mats are currently on a cargo ship just off NYC awaiting for the port to allow them to dock. The New York port is backlogged right now, but hopefully, the ship will be allowed to dock in a few more days. So, it shouldn't be too much longer as we're only a few hours from NYC.

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So excited, did you see the latest newsletter today said,

"Price - $99.97 + s/h
$15 off coupon
will be offered for a limited time only ( we hope this helps with the shipping cost). Alternatively, you may use our quantity discount coupons if you're ordering additional items. *Only one coupon per order may be used."


"* we expect to start selling our new 6ft extra thick round yoga mats either at the end of this week or next week. We will send out another email and post on our social media platforms and website letting you know just as soon as these mats are available to purchase."

and did you see the travel bag for it? :D

Lady Vol Fan

Thank you Cathe (and team) for the update on this mat and for trying to get us a reasonable shipping cost!!

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