Christmas Weekend Check-in, December 24 & 25, 2022

aqua girl

Merry Christmas ladies,

Good job at the gym yesterday, Siobhan.

Hope you are feeling ok this AM, Annette & on the road to healing.

So much for not doing workouts this weekend!! Didn’t do much this AM though….
Peloton 15 min. R & B Treadmill Walk
Interval Timer App- 20 min. Ropeless Jump Rope & Upper Body Intervals.

enjoy your weekend—- stay warm & safe….and remember the reason for the season…:)
Merry Christmas to all!!!

I am doing well, no pain just can't shower,sigh.

Have a great weekend!!
Merry Christmas everyone. When home I do an early morning workout. Not today :( as I am out of town.

Today I had a 2 hour walk with the dogs and my DH's cousin's wife in the snow. It was cold, about -7. We then sat for a couple of hours working on a puzzle. Christmas day isn't much to Hungarians. Christmas Eve is where the magic is. I hope to work out again on Wednesday, fingers crossed.

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