Chin-Up Check-In Sat 6.24


The Wed thread was getting so long, I thought I'd start a fresh one. I tried two unassisted, one w/slightly bent arms/feet off the floor and the other from a complete dead hang (NOT that I'm dependent on them or anything:p). With both reps, I could only get 1/3 of the way upx( . I'm definitely not feeling strong today for some reason and I was still sore from Wed (unusual for me). Afterward, I did 8 10-ct negs which felt hard but doable. Next time I'll do fewer reps and increase the count to 15. I'm going to do MM later on.

Melody, I hope your son is feeling better. Enjoy your Saturday, everyone! :)
Hi Soooooooooooooosan,

I'm also having a heck of a day, but you are still doing so very well in my eyes. Somedays are that way, you know. Tomorrow is another day.

I used to much weight for a back exercise, and really feeling it yesterday and today. I just got a little over myself and should have been more careful about picking my weight. Darn! Tomorrow is my Chin-Pull up day, hope I'll be able to do them. I'm resting today, for sure. Light eating though.

Melody, I'm sorry your son is sick, I hope he feels better soon. It's hard to see a loved one ill.

Take care everyone, and be extra careful with your weight, they can be mean, if you let them.


"If you can't say anything nice about someone, then don't say anything at all."
-My mother, Mary Cooper-
Janie, better rest that back for those chinups tomorrow ;) I haven't done any wt work for the back in over a month. Just doin chins twice a week. Kinda following what HB does.

Kathryn, I hear ya. The heat in KY has been horrible. Better today though. But ya know we don't take excuses around her so get to it missy :p :p :p JK, sort of :+ I just know you are gonna break to 2 soon!!!

Soooooooooooosan, you are getting there. Keep it up.

Melody, how's DS that's been sick?

Briee, have ya heard about the krispy kreme burger? It's a burger with a KK as the bun. Personally, I don't know why anyone would want to ruin a KK that way :eek: :eek:

Briee, I forgot to tell ya I did abs today from S&H today and thought of you. I have done ab work at least twice a week all month!!! I have been a good girl,...... mumbles under breath "still hate it though"

The non-chinning chinster checking inx( .

Just wanted to thank everyone for the well wishes for my DS. He does seem to be better today, he's eating and talking.

I'm going to start negatives again the end of next week. Can't believe that I'm actually excited about that.:7 I have not had back DOMS after a back workout since not doing the chin/pullup negs. I so afraid I'll be at square one and not able to do much in the way of negatives.

Ladies, keep up the great chin progress and remember, I can still eat donuts.
>Briee, have ya heard about the krispy kreme burger? It's a
>burger with a KK as the bun.

Where's the "Mr. Icky" smilie!?
Sounds like the epitome of what is wrong with the SAD, all in one small package.
Hey ya'll I just did not one, not two but three sets of 4 chinups :eek: :eek: :eek: This coming from someone who just two weeks ago was struggling to get that 4rth rep!!!!! Man I am whooped!! The last set I tried I could only do 2, but that's ok. I pushed hard to get those sets of 4s and will try to do some more a little later.

If you have read open forum today, I am contemplating a week off of exercise. With the exception of maybe some walking. Planning to start a P90X rotation again and want to get psyched up about it. I'm not sure I am gonna rest on the chins though. **Shaking in fear that I will slip backwards on those**

How's everyone else doin???

Also, forgot to add tomorrow is my 40th b-day. My goal was to do one by forty and now I've done 3 sets of 4 }( }( }( }( I came I saw and I conquered!!!!

Kathryn...I have to agree...major SAD!!

Catherine....HIGH 5's!!! What a GREAT way to celebrate your birthday - 3 sets of 4 chins!!!

AND let me be the first to wish you a SUPER HAPPY 40TH BDAY!!!!

Lets all celebrate by having a donut on Catherines behalf!!

I'll always remember your bday Catherine as I spent it in the ER.

Melody can you relate to this conversation? "So Brian (my dh) is this the same room we were in last time? I think they may have put up new wall paper, or maybe painted. No maybe it's the same as last time, but they redid the room since the time before last time. Imagine, ds #2 had stitches in exactly the same place. I think the staff at the Sparta Hospital is much nicer than Viroqua's hospital, oh no wait, the staff at the hospital in IL was pretty friendly too, but I didn't like the doctor. The nurses in the Pennsylvania ER were JUST TERRIBLE, we'll never go there again - I don't care if we're bleeding to death. I wonder if we'll see Melody here today, no she wouldn't come this far to the ER and she probably has a much nicer ER in her part of the country - we'll have to go visit her ER sometime".

So all was going well today until ds (age 2) began swinging by a rope tied to (it kills me to say this) MY PULLUP BAR. The kids attached the rope days ago and EVERYONE has been having fun swinging from it. (you all just didn't know how versatile the pullup bars can be). Ds #2 drops and hits his head on the wood trim which recently pulled away from the wall and blood spurts everywhere, loud screams, etc. I knew it wasn't because he just did his 10th pullup, although I sound like this when I hit 10 sometimes. Now when this happened to ds #2 years ago we shaved the area and butterflyed it, but it was not easy and kept pulling open, so we decided to take ds#4 as we haven't had a date with the ER this month yet and they probably wondered if we died or something. It's nice to be missed.:p :p

We were supposed to go rafting down the river today, until this little incident. Oh well, maybe Thursday. Did Turbo Jam kick, punch and jam this morning. 1 set of 3 chins and 1 negative and I quit chins - just didn't feel like doin any more!!

((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))) to your son and you for such a traumatic day. Well you are used to trauma aren't you.

Swinging from a rope attached to your bar eh? Well,.....

Briee, I'm sitting here with my mouth open reading your post! I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but LOL when I heard the reason for your (sounds like) 20th ER visit this year. You are so good at vividly describing your family life, and the conversation you had with your DH about the ins and outs of the various ER's was hilarious! I hope your poor little 2-yr-old son is feeling better and I also hope that, amongst all the chaos, you had the chance to take the rope down!

How's little Tarzan doing? I'm assuming he's ok from the humor in your post, so I am LOL. Been there, not as many times as you, but frequently.

Please, keep the family stories coming.

Sooosan, I'm betting the rope is still up.;-)
I knew I could count on lots of sympathy from you guys. Little guy is running around like nothing happened until the anesthesia wore off and now every few minutes he points to his head and says "owie" and cries until something else catches his attention. I'm sure he'll be fine. Last Friday when we had the Bible study group here we had almost 25 kids outside playing on the slip n slide and of course one little guy hit his lip on his bottom tooth and blood came out and his older 11 year old brother brought him in saying"blood is gushing everywhere, all over, look at the blood". I said Steven, "that is hardly ANY blood at all, there has been LOTS more blood around here than that, it's tiny, GET OVER IT". I'm NOT being tough on him.....his dad's an EMT and talks of blood all the time.

Honestly...we usually handle all blood pretty well with butterflies - LOTS of butterflies. This one was pretty long. Only reason we've been in the ER so much this past year was with dd (4year old) who had asthma/croupy attacks and would turn blue because she couldn't breath. Since we cut out all dairy...she hasn't had another attack. We hope the ER visits will be kept at a minimum from this point on.

Almost forgot, and this is important, for all you future chinners (as in children). Ropes and rope swinging (using arms to hang) is, in my opinion, REALLY important for future upper body strength. I say this because of an observation made the other day. My dd (13 y/o) was playing with her friend on monkey bars at the park. My dd was swinging from wrung to wrung and she asked friend to come across. NOW...friend is very lean 14 y/o, in my opinion in very good shape, similar to my dd, but she said "I can't swing on the monkey bars, it hurts my arms". My dd looked shocked because friend could do everything else. So she said "oh come on, you can do it". Friend said "I don't have the muscle, I can't".

Lesson learned here. We have always had a rope swing outside and the kids swing on it all the time. They love climbing ropes. When I was young...I LOVED rope swings, I LOVED climbing ropes. I remember if we had a rope in the gym, I would climb to the top and ring the bell, etc. I climbed trees almost everyday when I was young, used to freak out my friends parents as I would climb to the tip tops of trees. LET THOSE KIDS CLIMB!! Develops muscles that I think will help them later in life. (at least if they plan to be chinners!).

Briee (Melody you lose, the rope came down - only on the chinup bar though, it's still outside - actually we have 3 outside). Potentially 3 people could simultaneously fall off the 3 ropes and the ER could be REALLY busyx( x( x(
> I've done 3 sets of 4 }( }( }( }(

Happy belated birthday!

And congrats on your SETS of 4! You've made really good progress.
>Kathryn...I have to agree...major SAD!!

I actually just saw something about this in the latest Vegnews magazine. And it's not just a 'hamburger on a Krispy Kreme," it's a bacon cheeseburger on a Krispy Kreme! (Holy artherosclerosis on a bun, Batman!)
Hey Chinsters-

I have to work on them today as I haven't in several days. I was in Hayward, WI over the weekend. Went running on Saturday and my knee felt great. I didn't eat any donouts but I sure ate a lot of fudge as they had a lot of samples and I have no will power when it comes to samples :)

Catherine-Happy 40th Birthday!!!!!!

Joanne, I love Hayward!!!! I even found a little shop that made me a cappucino with soymilk. We camped there on the lake and waterskied. We LOVE that shop with all the neat "home decor" things and there is a coffee bar in back. I wanted to simulate their walls in our great room here, but I don't think it came out quite the same!! I'm not a chocolate freak so I can't remember sampling fudge, but had their been donuts......I'd have come back 5 pounds heavier.


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