chin-up check-in 07/05


Hey, where's everyone? I hope noone exploded with the fireworks last night.

Anyhow, I'm heading out of town today thru Friday. Will miss ya.:)
WOW, I can't believe how little activity we've had on this check in lately. Everyone's busy enjoying the summer!! Which is a good thing. I wonder how Briee is doing on her camping trip.

Today I did Legs & Back. I did 1 set of 4 chins followed by 7 sets of 3. Not bad, but not my best either. I blame it on doing the isolation work on Tuesday in shoulders & arms. Girls gotta have some excuse doesn't she ;) I'll try some pullups later.

Confession, I skipped YogaX yesterday. But I WILL make it up either Friday or Sat.

How's everyone else doing???

Hi guys! I'm off for Maine tomorrow until the 17th. I think I'll do some negatives this afternoon to hold me over until then.}( I'll be doing my usual vacation workouts up there: Pilates, yoga, lots of walking and other fun stuff. Glad to see the die-hards are still checking in! I wonder if Briee's working out at Family Camp...

I'll miss you too!:)
My family went back home yesterday. Did some bike riding and was able to get a run in here and there. Also, worked on my chins. I do feel a little progress. My brother did a few pull ups. It is neat to see someone do it - and from a dead hang - makes me want to work on them even more!

Sooooosan-have a great vacation.

HB and Joanne, glad you checked in!:)

I did power yoga today after some chin-up attempts, followed by negatives. The day before yesterday I pulled myself up half way again, but today I couldn't quite make it that far. My negatives seemed harder too, and I only did five 10-cts before moving on to yoga. No workouts tomorrow through Monday probably, as it's a two-day drive to Maine. Luckily, my parents live in north Jersey, so it's a great half-way point to spend the night. We're going to my cousin's wedding Saturday night and then leave for Maine first thing Sunday morning. I'm hoping to get a little yoga in at my parents'. They live in a retirement community and their building has a modest fitness room with a VCR so I usually try to get down there first thing in the morning to do some yoga. It's so nice and quiet! I'm glad I hung on to my Bryan Kest tapes for just that purpose! I never do VHS otherwise - I'm too spoiled by DVD's.

Catherine, you're the die-hardest of the die-hards and it's always fun to read your posts and to hear about your amazing (really!) progress. I'm so impressed with you!:)
Joanne, great to hear you are feeling stronger!!! That is a good sign;)

Soooooooooooosan, 1/2 way up is good. I feel your frustration with the waxing and wanning. I feel like the queen of that. Some days are just better than others. Enjoy your trip and your peaceful Yoga!!

As for my progress, thanks for the compliment. I really love doing chins and pullups. I know you all can not tell :p Just keep in mind, not so long ago I couldn't even do 1. BTW this evening I got around to Ab ripper X(ab work YUK!!)and did 2 sets of 1 and 1 set of 2 pullups.


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