Cheetahs check in sunday 6/25/06


Good morning!!

Thanks everyone for your support. I was pleased with my time . It was in range of my other 5k's and oh, I forgot to mention I got 2nd place in my age group.

carole I hope your pacing went well.

karen you will be feeling better in no time, you just have to not over do it when that darn thing is acting up.

Hello to mattea,christine,barb,thomasina,gayle,jess and anyone that I might of missed.
Hey Laura! I didn't get a chance to say - great job on the 5K!!! Have a great Sunday!

I did an 11 mile bike ride w/ my friend Erin this morning, it was just beautiful out!! Biking is such awesome cross training & my thighs didn't even feel sore after my 10 mile run w/ the biking y'day. It really helps stretch out my legs & works them differently than running too!

And, I also ended up doing a 10 mile bike ride w/ my dh last night!! It was lots of fun. We rode our dd's over to their best friends house (they live almost exactly a mile from our house). My 5yo did great w/out training wheels, she loves biking now! And we pulled Allison in the bike trailer which she thinks is so fun! So my 7 & 5yo's stayed there to play & we went out for a ride. Then we came back to their house & stayed for S'mores & a camp fire. Great night for it!

Ok, off to get ready for church- have a great Sunday!

Carole- hope your pacing went well!! Can't wait to hear details!

Good Morning Cheetahs!

Laura-Really fantastic job on your 5K! With that kind of heat making it so tough ran a smart and fast race. WTG Cheetah:7

Jess-I also love the bike to cross train. DH and I have an indoor one as well for the days when it is way too hot or way too cold, lol! Sounds like a perfect night last night and congrats on the 10 miler!

Karen-I think that even if the IT band it feeling better you might think about the doctor as they can help to keep you from having to struggle with this on your own and let you know more precisely what to do and not do. Having said that I hope it feels SO much better today!

Gayle-I really like what you said about the companionship and team work involved in your 6 miler experience and just think how encouraging you can be for them as someone more able to run when they have to walk, give them some cheetah spirit and get them to push themselves:D

Pamela-Yoga, yoga, yoga! You can do it and you'll feel so much better for having done it!

Christine-Sounds like an unbelieveable time! You deserve the pampering and the quality time with DH:7

Carole-We're thinking of you! I checked the website and it looks like you're runner didn't make it? I hope that's not the case and that I was just reading the page wrong:-( Can't wait to hear from you!

Yesterday DH and I went for a 12 mile hike and picnic. We had a blast going off the trails and exploring:7 Today will probably be weights, probably a full body workout like ME or MM, but honestly I'm having such trouble making a rotation lately and just winging it:p I like the freedom for summer, but some days I feel like I should do everything, lol!
Have a great day Marcia, Judy, Elaine, Amy, Kristi, Karin, Cathy, ShellyC, Wendy (and any other MIA, vacationing cheetahs!)
Hi Cheetahs,
it was a 8 mile run for me today with a lot of slideboard, & floorwork before and after and some abs from SS. The run was fun. Yesterday I did kickboxing mishmosh from KPC & TurboJam before dropping off my 12yo DS at camp. Sad to say goodbye, but I think he'll have a great time.

Carole -- I checked the website and like Mattea, was not sure if it meant your runner didn't make it or just didn't make it at the expected time. I'm rooting for you!:)

Laura -- congrats on your race on so many fronts. Feeling better everyday and feeling like you ran in a way that felt like you were getting back in your "groove" is most excellent. And Way to go on placing 2nd in your age group! Yahoo! How's your breathing since the new meds the doc added? Where I live the Pollen count is going down everyday, so I'm wondering if you might be getting some relief in that way, too?:)

Jess-- it's nice you're enjoying your X-training on bikes and your long runs are going well. I'm a fan of swimming for X-training and felt it really helped me in the month before my half marathon. Organizing at home feels good!:)

Karen-- Glad your ITB overall is feeling better, but I second Mattea's advice that it's probably a win-win situation to find the right sports medicine/orthopedic doctor to see and get some additional info on what's up with your knee/outer leg area.
I was thinking today during my run, after doing L& G floor work to warm up: do you have Legs & Glutes and PLB? I know you have GS tapes and Slow & Heavy, but can't remember if you have L& G and PLB? The floorwork on both and the standing work on L&G really mimics many of the PT exercises I was given for my hip/ITB injury. Keep on being smart about your training adjustments. You're still on track for your race. You have plenty of time and are in good shape! :)

Christine--your trip sounds amazing and the mud sounds like an adventure and the rest like a real luxury. :)

Pamela -- ditto on Mattea's advice, to the Yoga. But I always have to be careful that I ease into it, because I can easily "over stretch" too early in the workout. :)

Mattea- what a fun day with DH. That sounds ideal to me. I know what you mean about figuring out what to do rotation wise. I find it hard to get the right mix when I'm also focusing on running. Do you have Push-Pull and Supersets? I sometimes do one of those premixes when nothing else is grabbing me. I like the total body + core effect of those tapes.:)

Hi to everyone else checking in later today: Marcia, Gayle, Judy, Elaine, Cathy, Shelly C, Wendy and other vacationing cheetahs...Karin --when are you checking in for the week? We miss you.
have a great Sunday.
:) :) :) :)
Laura – great job on your 5K yesterday.

Carole – I checked the website too and I saw the same thing that Mattea and Barb did. I too wasn’t sure what it meant, but I hope that your runner did okay. I can’t wait to hear about your experience.

Jess – great run yesterday and that is a good idea to bike after running to stretch out the muscles. I never thought of that.

Mattea – Where did you go on your hike? I love hiking, but don’t get to do it enough.

Barb – great job on the 8 mile run. Don’t you just love it when your runs end up being fun? Such a great feeling. How long is your DS at camp for?

Karen – Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your IT band. I hope things get better for you.

Christine – Your trip sounds great! I haven’t been to wine country before, but DH and I were thinking about a biking vacation there this year. Enjoy your hike with Amy today.

I actually did my run yesterday, but was very busy so didn’t check in. I ran 5 miles in 57 min. The thing that I was excited about was that I had fun on this run. I talked to myself beforehand and told myself to just do the 5 miles in however long it takes and enjoy the time outside. It worked because I wasn’t so worried about time. How much of running do you guys think is psychological? I am thinking for me it is a larger percentage!

I ran out of body glide and only got to cover the area near my sports bra. Well, I have a big burn now on my back from where my shorts were rubbing. It hurts!! Must get more body glide.

I signed up for a 4 mile race here in Denver on 7/4/06. The race is at a park that I normally run at so I think that I will be fairly comfortable there. I am also going to sign up for a 5 mile Ryka Girl race in Denver on 8/6/06. I am hoping that these races will keep me motivated in terms of running.

Hope everyone has a great week. I am going to try to run on Thursday and not go on the weekend since my race is Tuesday. Will check-in whenever I run this week. Hope everyone has a great week.

Hi Karin-
Thanks for asking about DS. He's gone for a week to a camp he went to last year, but this year he's going with fewer people he knows. The counselors and camp itself is really nice, but fingers-crossed that it all goes well socially.

Great job on your run yesterday. I love the attitude of just going by "feel" and my vote is that a lot of running "issues" for me at least, are at least 50% psychological--probably more. After running my half-marathon, I feel more changed by it mentally than physically. It really helped me work on having a can-do attitude that is balanced, versus a must-do attitude which makes me feel burdened....

You race is soon, good luck getting ready. I think the altitude factor is one that must be challenging to deal with. When we went on a ski trip last year, my son, who swims, did some workouts in the water and he really noticed the altitude difference.

ouch on the chafing. So annoying to have an after burn. I sometimes use Cortaid if the burn gets out of hand and it seems to help. I'll add Neosporin sometimes -- I get regular burn from wearing my HR monitor band...

have a great week of running!
This coming week I won't have a chance to check in at all in the morning. The girls are starting vacation Bible School so I need to be out of the house by 8:30. Then back to get them again after I workout. I need to leave again by 11:30. Then they have art on Tues so I won't come home at all and of course my mammogram is Thursday. I'm 33 but with a serious family history I have been going since 32. I was checked at my annual but still am going for safety measures but it still worries me. So I decided to go ahead and post my tenative workout schedule for the week. I am going back to slow and heavy for a good 4 weeks. This with limited running. Once before I said I need to train like this because my body responds better to it but I was having so much fun running that I was willing to let it go for awhile. But now it's time to get back to the nitty gritty and get this 5lbs off again. I even made an apt. this week for my knee to get a professional opinion. I hate to go to another doctor but I really want to see if running is in the cards for me. I have to have some kind of confirmation in order to do or not do the half. Either way I have made peace with it if I can't do the half. So here it goes:

Monday- slow and heavy chest and back ( those abs)
Tues- slow and heavy legs and shoulders ( 30 min of yoga)
Wednesday- slow and heavy bi and tri ( those abs) 2-3 mile run
Thursday- Imax 2 or 5 mile run (30 min of yoga)
Friday- Bootcamp
Sat- I may take Sat and Sun off for the holiday plus the fact I want to really give my IT band the space it needs.

I am going back to BFFM type of eating. I think my body is very carb sensitive which is the reason for the weight gain. I needed the carbs to fuel all that running but at the same time my body response to them in a not so good way. I really have come to realize it is very individual.

Anyway it is good to write this out and I will be checking on all of you in the evening. Thanks for the push to go to the doctors. I hate to go but know in my heart I need to. I'm just tired of going. Between this and then the mammogram, then the annual it is just stressful. You know what I mean.
Karen--it sounds like you have given your plan careful thought and designed it in a way that will work for you. Also I agree everyone's body is so different re: carbs & eating and it's important to find what works best for you.

I'll be sending prayers and good thoughts for your mammogram. good luck with your new routine with kids this week. It sounds fun.

I know what you mean about going to doctors. Hate it, hate it, but gotta do it....

:) :) :)
Hey all!

Back from my hike with Amy! It was fun. She's just a joy. The hike is tough, so I'm going to feel it later. Found out today that there is a 1/2 to 3/4 mile stretch that is the steepest in the Bay Area. Evidently the mountain bikers have a name for it that's not fit to print here. But it's kind of funny - when you're at the top you just want to get down and hobble to your car. But by the time you're down and relaxed you think, "Hey that wasn't too bad, maybe I can do it again." I told Amy it's kind of like giving birth... LOL... Amy got to meet DH and the doggies. Our poor 10 year old American Eskimo - the one who used to lead the pack on the trails, is getting to old too do that kind of distance. We're going to have to start leaving her behind on the long hikes. That's going to kill me because she sooo enjoys hiking. And DH even agreed that she's a sweet, funny, wonderful girl. The hike was not what she was expecting (you don't plan to do much in the afternoon after this one, believe me), but she was a trooper and kept right up with ease. By the way - the shower after a hike like this is one of the best feelings in the world. I feel SOOO good and clean it's not funny!


Jess - did you ever really think about training for a tri? They have some short course tri's and it sounds like they are right up your alley! You're doing so well!

Carole - I hope after all of that training you got to do your pacing and that your runner is okay!

Mattea - sounds like a fabulous day with DH. We so enjoy hiking.

Karin - GREAT job on the run! It should be fun - I'm glad you really enjoyed it!

Karen - you are doing this right! Good job. Sending more healing vibes.

Barb - I know what you mean about sending the kids off to camp. My DD just came home last night from a week away, and I missed her terribly. But she had a blast. It's so hard being a mom sometimes. I was so happy to go get her.
the hike sounds really tough --and how fun that you got to hang out with Amy again. How long does it take to do that kind of hike? Here in flat Michigan I'm in pure awe of driving somewhere on a Sunday and being able to climb a mountain!

It's definitely weird around the house with DS around. Last year was worse, since it was the first time. I know what we're having for dinner when he comes back..

How many total doggies do you have?
I have been using a new technique to resolve minor conflicts with my DH. I am imagining him as a confused puppy. don't know enough about dogs to know what breed, but it's helping me have more empathy and not get impatient about little, stupid things. Ridiculous, but it's the tip from a friend and immediately thought of you and all your dogs!

Barb:) :) :)
karen goodluck on both health issues. We will have you in our thoughts.

barb you are too funny!Most men are dogs anyway though!!!

Amy hope you had fun on your hike!
Hi all, I just had to come over and check out Christine's report!!! LOL. Barb, the 8 mile hike took us I believe 2 hours 54 minutes. It was an out and back- so you go up I think Christine said 2800 feet and then turn around and come back down. It's funny, when you're at the top, all the muscles on the backs of your legs are screaming, and then you turn around and do the same work to the fronts!!! LOL.

And Christine was a JOY as always. I really enjoyed meeting her dogs and her DearH, not in that order!! ;) All 5 of us worked hard, although we agreed we would rather sweat (an incredible amount) than pant. A very enjoyable way to spend a day!!! Although the hike was over by 1pm, by the time I got home, showered (which was a must even before I could sit and eat lunch!), tried to make up for my 1900 calorie deficit, and took a NAP, it was 3:45!!!

My legs will definitely be reminding me tomorrow of all the fun we had today... :D
I realized when I was re-reading what I wrote that I should clarify that DH thinks AMY is a great gal. He likes Kimo, too, but you know what I mean.

Barb - love that technique. I'll have to remember... DH can be a big old puppy or he can bare his teeth - I guess that's pretty standard! And yes, the house seems so empty with DD gone - so I understand. No matter how often it happens. I have two dogs - Tucker and Kimo. Tucker is an Aussie and Kimo the Eskie.

Amy - next time we'll actually invite you IN the house. I felt bad that we did not do that. :) Even DH remarked on that. And I took a nap as well (we all did - even the dogs) and I've been SOOO hungry! That's a lot of calories to burn! But wow... I still say next hike is Big Basin's Berry Creek Falls trail with both DH's and a picnic afterwards. No where like the hike today, but absolutely beautiful - some wonderful trail running on this one. And my legs are going to remind me about this hike tomorrow as well! Kimo is doing nicely now, by the way. Both she and Tuck napped most of the afternoon - DH had a sandwich and neither dog moved - which is very unusual - he sneaks them food so they tend to hover around him.
Hi cheetahs!...checking in late so I will repost and do personals in the morning...:)

Yes for those of you that looked our runner missed her 1st cutoff point so she was pulled..:(...she said it wasn't really the heat but just the severity of the course and alot of debri. 30 runners missed that cutoff and that will be a record number in this run. I counted a total of 188 runners that dropped which is a HUGE amount for this run. It was so incredibly hot and humid (humid for Cal) that I am not sure I could have survived 26.2 miles, let alone 100! I have ALWAYS respected these 100 mile Ultra runners...but...I have a whole new respect for any of the finishers now. OMG! I got to watch some finish at about the 27 hour mark (the cutoff is 30 hours) I cannot explain my amazement as they ran right in....only one guy was listing a bit to his left. I have watched marathons, and 50K's where runners finishing looked worse than these finishers...WOW!!! and there is no way I would ever consider running this far...really!

We most likely could have paced someone else but I would rather pace someone I know a bit. And honestly with that frigging heat...we were not really upset. Our runner Pat who is from Indianapolis spent alot more money that we did coming out and only running about 26 miles. We spent alot of time with her DH and DD and they were so very fun. A truly nice, sweet family. The female that won (she is 35) looked great at 62 miles. She came in 4th OVERALL...she finished in 19:26 which once again due to the conditions is amazing.....

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