Hi challengers

It really cold here! The wind! The only thing is missing is the snow and the rain! And we really really need the rain!

A bit of yoga only for me today. It was too cold for walking and I rode my horse and he was very "full of himself". I should've burnt off calories while working him, he was so naughty!:)

Roxie - I am so sorry to hear about your dog. Huge hugs to you.



Hey girls

Andrea-Ive always wondered about your userID name"Idream" can you tell us what it means?

Mine,punka274 is my little girls nickname-punka and not sure about the 274?:+

Today is day three in my getting ready for summer 08(debbie fittnessfreak's rotation). Its PLB with L&G floorwork! I measured and weighed before starting this rotation so i hope i see some results. Im trying to eat as clean as possible.

I won two workouts yesterday on ebay:7 i just hope they work,LOL! They didn't come with cases(?)they were only 10.49...i won supersets/pushpull and rythmic step plus that comes with two other older step workouts(i think one is max.intensity cardio)



Hi Challengers,

Andrea: It is so wierd that it is really cold where you are and warm here.

Ameila: Rhythmic step is a fun one. I have the VHS version. I got
Max. Intensity Cardio through a trade on VF. I've only done it once or twice. Just couldn't click with the outdated outfits. I hope they are the originals and play for you.

This morning I did Boot Camp (intensity series). I forgot how much fun this one is. I have a hard time with the jump thrust climbers. I use my high step instead of going straight to the floor.

The Circus was fun. My son never did see his little friend, but he had a good time anyway.It didn't have too many animal acts mostly acrobats.



Good Morning,

Tonite is B&G leg blast and L&G floor work. DH is out of town tonite so supper will be real healthy, ate halfway decent yesterday.

Amelia-I only did intervals 1-5 of LM couldn't get the front back mambos in 6 and 7 just confused me. On to the dog she quit eating, lost wt., breathing hard, and couldn't see we thought at one time she was getting better, but she started to go downhill again. Have fun with FF rotation I am finishing up summer 07.

Andrea-sorry to hear its getting cold, today is suppose to be 92 with a chance of T-Storms here.

Elaine-I am glad to hear your son had fun at the circus. I have boot camp haven't tried it yet.

Thank You everyone for your hugs, last nite was the first time I slept in the house without the dog and DH it was alittle weird. It just hit my youngest DD last nite that she was no longer alive. Have a good day sorry so long.


Hi everyone. Sorry to have been MIA since the weekend. It's been a busy couple of days with long hours at work and then trying to fit in all the non work stuff.

Andrea, try to keep warm. I bet you burned some calories with the horse. I remeber how frisky our's would get when it was cold.

Amelia, have fun with the new workouts. Rthymic Step is one of my favorites.

Elaine, glad DS had fun at the circus.

Roxie, so sorry to hear about the dog. That is one of the hardest things to deal with. Sending hugs to you and your family. Are you familiar with the Rainbow Bridge Poem? If you or any of family is having a hard time, do a search on the internet of Rainbow Bridge and you'll find a poem that warms your heart (and brings tears to my eyes).

Today, I did 4DS premix Back and Biceps and walked/jogged the dogs. Would like to try to get to spin class tonight.

Take care everyone.



Hey girls,just popping in to report my workout that is finally done! Did PLB then i did L&G floorwork...needless to say,my legs are fried:)}(

Jean-nice to see you today:)

hey to everybody:)

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