Cats, Diabetes and Food!

>>I've never been a pet owner
>>before this - but was persuaded to go with a cat because
>>everyone assured me that cats were extremely low maintenance
>>pets! How did I end with mouthy high-maintenance little
>>Comet who is well on her way to being the most spoiled cat
>>the Western Hemisphere? :D
>HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Cats? Low maintenance??? *snort* Anyone
>who says that has obviously never HAD cats. :p Your mouthy,
>high-maintenance Comet sounds an awful like lot my mouthy,
>high-maintenance Mila. That girl will talk your ear off, and
>all she wants to do is play. But she can't play by herself...
> nooooo... she needs ME to drag her fishing pole toy around
>the house for her to chase. If it were up to Mila, I'd be a
>stay-at-home kitty mom, playing with her every hour of the
>day. :7
>Low maintenance my foot!!! :p

Too funny! And I love her name :) Comet is the same way with paper balls. She loves to pounce on them but doesn't like to actually bat them around herself, so she expects us to constantly be tossing them around for her :) I'm going to have to find a wind-up paper ball!

OK, while I was typing this she jumped on the coffee table, stuck her paw in my tea and then went on her merry way, LOL.


Even after all this time the earth never says to the sun, "you owe me." Look what happens with a love like that.

It lights the whole sky.

- Hafiz

I had a cat with diabetes quite a few years back. At that time, I found a forum at which has a lot of knowledgeable people regarding this subject. I just went to the site and immediately saw a familiar name posting. My kitty died in 2002, so there are definitely people there whose cats have been living with diabetes for a long time.

As far as food goes, I remember feeding my kitty a special canned food I was purchasing at the veterinarian's office.

Good luck with Comet! Sounds like she has a great personality!
Some thoughts:

Listen to your vet because the internet is loaded with bull, like another poster indicated.

Regarding food: All my cats have a readily available supply of plain old Purina Cat Chow and get some plain old Nine Lives canned cat food daily. Once, I got talked into Science Diet and nobody would touch it. I mean, the stray cats who visit my porch preferred starvation. Even the raccoons and possums let it be.

Don't you feel honored your kitty picked you? I can tell you from my own experience there is one major advantage to selecting grown animals over babies: You know their personality because it's already fully formed. Kittens can grow up to be... nuts. I have four females and my boy, Tangerine. HE. IS. EVIL. My co-workers crack up whenever I start a sentence with "That Little Bas*ard..." When I got him he was so tiny and helpless I had to feed him formula from a bottle. Numerous times, vet techs have told me bottle fed animals often grow up to be jealous, possessive, and just flat-out nuts. The last one said she'd seen this behavior with cats, dogs, and HORSES! If you find a really sweet, loving grown cat at the shelter she won't morph into a nut-job when you get her home. I haven't know five minutes of peace since Tangee joined the house four years ago. Good thing for him he's so cute.

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