Cathletic Supporters Week of 9/29-10/5


Hi ladies. Well, I had a very unhealthy day today. I went to the grocery store early this morning and was hungry while I was there. Well, starving really. I walked by this container of fresh baked peanut butter fudge brownies, and the evil inside made me buy them and then eat three on the way home. At 9 AM!!! I threw the rest away, but am not very happy with myself. I really need to make sure I eat every three hours to keep those crazy hunger cravings away.

Ok, I'm so motivated right now to have a clean eating week. Just had a really good and healthy lunch, so I'm back now.

Hope you all are having a better week than me.



Hi Nyx,

Shake it off, shake it off, we are going to have a flabuless week. I am ending a stretch of badness myself. I cooked chicken for the week to eat in spinach salad/low carb tortilla with salsa and light sour cream, with sweet potatos and with brown rice. We got this :D.
I gave a talk this afternoon for my department that I've been seriously dreading, and it's OVER! It was so boring, I thought I heard people crying in the back row. My husband took the kids to soccer practice, and I am watching a DVR of American's next top model (embarassing I know) before they get back.
Happy Clean Eating Week,


Thanks Sugarbean, we do got this. I just TRIED to do the leg blast premix of Butts & Guts. Oh my, my my my my. I only made it through 35 minutes, with no weights at all, and had to take a few breaks just during that. Cathe is crazy, but awesome. he he. She must be so incredibly fit. One day!!!

Glad your talk is over. Oh man, I used to hate giving presentations. I had to do this one in front of a whole association of people, I really thought dying might be better before it was over. : )


Have you seen October's rotation? I think it's going to be the one for me. I have to agree with you about B&G and in general, I am being optimistic about thinking I can totally complete all the Cathe workouts the way she does, but I go the best I can. When I work out solo, I typically won't push myself- when I run, if it starts to get hard, I'll just start walking, etc, so that's why these workouts are so good for me, to push me. I am happy to report that I did clean eating today, no bad things. I am splurging on a diet root beer. I am going to revel in my (one day) of success :).

Have an evening of peace,


Hi all,

I am having a lousey exercise week but a great eating week. I wanted to do the October rotation so hopefully things will fall into place and it will work out (hahaha, get it, "work out" - okay, forget it). Anyway, I love B&G but it kills me everytime. Cathe is one of my favorites but she is crazy. Anyway, hope to talk to you soon and wish me luck on the working out.



'isn't life strange'

Nyx- I always have a snack bag size bag of nuts and a bottle of water when I shop- other wise its not slim (pretty not being relative to thighs.) That said I had two tiny left over low fat chocolate brownies with breakfast. lol. not like I have any room to talk.

Lisa- ooh that sounds tasty, tortillas and salsa = smiles :) I always love the post-work/post-exam/post-workout/post-presentation feeling! Phew.

Wish I had all the dvds for Oct. rotation (not to mention the courage.)

Murph- just pretend it was an active recovery week and workout next week. like you planned it that way and stuff ;)

This week is so weird. Some personal stuff popped up yesterday and normally would send me into a tail spin, and it kind of has but not as bad as it used to and thats the weird part. I'm kind of . . .ok. Maybe its the Cathe Factor. (I did BF yesterday.) I was able to even work on organizing my sheet music collection. I did more of that this AM. My eating is not too bad. I am kind of in a groove.

Food looks like this: AM 1 egg
Post-workout - chicken, celery, another hard boiled egg, avocado (if I have it.)
Lunch: protein/yogurt/frozen fruit smoothy (milk for a low cal day)
Snack- Peanut butter, coconut and (hold the phone she is off the reservation holy ay caramba!) chocolate chips (seems to be working- so what?)
Dinner- Veggies and some protein. (every other day.)

I changed this weeks rotation to more closely match the last few weeks of the beginner's rotation. Why? Cause I could. And was a tad bored. I am off today, I may try a pilattes dvd.


Hello Ladies!

It's nice to come home and see the posts.

Hi Murph, good luck on the working out. We can do the October rotation together. I started on week 2 today with step fit, and got 35 minutes into it, and my daughter (6) woke up early and sat on the couch and started at me pitifully until I got her breakfast. Also, I was tired. I didn't do the B&G abs. Tomorrow is PUB, which I love, and I'll do the abs too.

RB - congratulations on your triumph over personal shizzo, eating (your menu looks pretty good, I LOVE LOVE LOVE coconut. And peanut butter and chocolate) and exercise. Is your post work out food in the morning? Chicken in the morning is a bold move. I like it.

Nyx - hope all is well with you.

Eating today was spinach/eggbeater omelette post workout, 3hrs later, flaxseed oatmeal with a tbsp of fruit only cherry preserves, frozen berries, and protein powder, lunch was a thawed out frozen garden vegetable medley and 3 ounces of grilled chicken, then I had a repeat of that meal three hours later, then I got home at 10:00 and had two fat free hot dogs (not calorically bad, but not exactly organic) and 6 mini reece's cups, the halloween kind. Apologize for making you read about what I ate today :).

Have a peaceful night,



Hey ladies. I just took a look at Oct.'s rotation. I'm not sure what to do before my foot surgery in about 3 weeks. I get so confused about building muscle while losing weight. I think BFFM says it's impossible, because to gain muscle you have to be in a calorie surplus and to lose weight you have to be in a calorie deficit. But other people say you can do it. Maybe everyone's just different, and I'm not gonna stress. Yesterday I did Fat Blasting Cardio (Firm). Oh and diet root beer is about the only diet drink i really like.

Rapidbreath - that is a good suggestion for going to the grocery store - I should (will) do that. I'm glad you're in a groove and your personal stuff is not keeping you down.

Murph - glad your eating is good, that is the hardest part for me.

Eating today is good so far, have had Tosca Reno's cottage cheese pancakes for 1st meal, then plain shredded wheat/1% milk/half banana for 2nd meal. We'll see how the rest of the day goes...I think we're eating out tonight.


so you gain a couple of pounds

And want to eat? Whats up with that? ug.

I will be good later today. Its just that those pomegranate haagen dazs bars helped the boogie man stuff in my head just go away :)

That and I also snagged two brownies.

and 20 min of a run plus 2 more miles of a hike.

I have plenty of good for me food all cooked and since I'm still on this enforced vacation (job not starting till next week.) I will just be at home working with my gear, call my boss in the afternoon (I hope she got my email.) I have some chores (kp, laundry, water the garden, let out maria the cat.)

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