Cathletic Supporters Sept 11 Check-In


Hello Everyone!

How was everyone's day?

Still seeing butterflies, literally. I woke up and tried to do a new step video, Kari Anderson, and it was godawful. The moves were simple basic step oriented and then she would randomly put in a double spin across the step, which did not add aesthetically, cardiovascularly, and actually was dangerous, I could picture people twisting their ACLs across the nation watching this nonsense. I just stopped and went to work. Now that school is in session, the traffic is absolutely prohibitive (commute went from 25 minutes to 45 minutes each way)- I just moved here this past summer and did not know it would be like this, or I probably wouldn't have moved here. Except my DH is like "that's what I was afraid of" like he knew all along. It's a good thing he's cute.:rolleyes:I am listening to taped lectures to pretend like I'm not wasting time and gas, and have been studying maps to see how I could change routes, and even when I leave at 6:45, it is still backed up. I know if I were to leave earlier, I wouldn't exercise when I got home, I'm sure of it. Still eating clean though, although I had a glass of tea at lunch today that someone told me was unsweetened, and it wasn't, but it tasted so good I couldn't put it down. My genetically inferior pancreas rejoiced.

I guess since I didn't do a very good cardio workout today, I'll go running tomorrow instead of another weight session. My butt is sore from muscle endurance on Wed. My rotation schedule is suffering, but at least I'm exercising most days. Still waiting for the calipers. I almost don't want them to come.

What's everyone else up to?




So. I got to the part about most people not being insulin resistant.

Which btw leaves me out. Because I am. Or at least I was. I can do most of the clean eating. I can do the higher calorie days, even cycle some of the carbs. But, for the most part I keep my carb to post workout cause I read on here it was a good idea. I get complex carbs from vegetables. Most grains/starches seem to make me chubby and send my sugar up and insulin up too. My insulin receptors are just not that friendly, they don't want to play with the insulin floating by. I even have to watch it with carrots and soy because I'm estrogen dominant. Still, I've got to say it was a fun read and I still intend to eat clean. Not to say I have no carbs just less than an average person. I am trying to avoid drinking milk entirely (gives me shiners, I look like I had a seriously tough kick max workout-with an opponent.) I do have a little bit of cheese/sour cream.

Todays food was a banana (see carbs.) black beans, summer squash, chicken breast, avocado, two hard boiled eggs, 1 ounce cream cheese, a cucumber and homemade dip. Lemon juice in my water.

I did LIS this morning. That one is so much fun. I pre-screened MIC on the Rhythmic step dvd. It looks do-able. I think I can do the non-step portion and then a segment off of stretch max as a shorter workout. It kind of reminds me of SJP.


Hi ladies. Rapidbreath - that's what I love about his program! He says that he thinks most people don't need a low-carb diet, but he recognizes that some people do and gives you suggestions on how to do that, too. Have you looked at the appendix where there are some sample menus - I think there's one for a low carb baseline day, although it may not be enough calories. The "trusting your intuition" part on pg. 155 is good, too.

I hope that doesn't come across wrong - I may be totally misunderstanding your situation and don't want to sound like I'm telling you what to do and know more about how you will respond to the plan than you do. Just tell me so and I'll zip it. : )

Today has been good so far. Ate well for 3 days, and had my cheat meal this morning (a Starbucks tall mocha and a blueberry scone - oh mama), and am back to eating right again. I guess today will be my higher calorie day. It's funny though, normally I eat something like that and then it starts a downward spiral. But it hasn't today - maybe my habits are starting to change like he talks about in Ch. 1. I did the Firm Express Cardio yesterday and am trying to figure out which weight workout I'll do tonight.

My Troy barbell is scheduled for delivery today and my caliper came in, too. I hope to get my fat % first try done tonight, and maybe take some measurements. Have a good day!



Todays food was a banana (see carbs.) black beans, summer squash, chicken breast, avocado, two hard boiled eggs, 1 ounce cream cheese, a cucumber and homemade dip. Lemon juice in my water.
Very nice clean eating today! Impressive! I have to force the vegetables in, I am not a fan. I eat spinach in my eggbeater omelette, and that doesn't make me barf, I like cucumbers, avocado. Summer squash (is that the yellow kind?) I like only with butter. sigh. I did my share of clean eating today, though, stayed on track. I did not, however, work out. Yet. I am depressed because I have to do a one hour talk for my department about something I know nothing about and the date was moved up by two weeks. So I have to do the whole thing this weekend, and I was so looking forward to hunkering down with Tom Venuto and measuring my fat and planning next week's meals. I'll still do that, but it will be hurried and not as enjoyable. I would rather measure my muffin top fat rolls than write this talk :D. I have discovered soy milk, and the fact that it only has 4 g carb in a cup, less than half of milk. What do you mean "estrogen sensitive"? Is that something I should know about? I have not done MIC yet, I am afraid.

I am duly impressed that you have absorbed the book already. Did you ever follow the plans for any length of time (did you say you had it from a while ago?). I agree with you, I like the fact that he makes allowances for the insulin resistant among us. How is express cardio? I need some motivation. I think if I focus on BFFM this weekend, I won't do my talk.

Hello to everyone who might be lurking,
have a great day,



Hey guys! I feel kind of behind because I have not yet had a chance to get to BFFM. I'm so absorbed with moving, building a house, starting a business, writing a parent policy handbook, not getting enough sleep because my child just simply won't - I could go on and on but I'm sure you don't want to hear all of that. Just having one of those days, ya know? Anyway, I still do find the time to workout though. That's what I enjoy - so I'll find the time for it more readily than reading about food - what to eat, how much to eat, so on so forth. I will get to it though because I know it is what's going to make the difference though. Anyway, tonight I did Muscle Endurance - man that's a tough one!

All of you are doing so great with eating. I'm doing okay. Let's I ate Nature's Path cereal (love it!), 1 scoop of Muscle Milk for a.m. snack, lunch was broccoli, zucchini, red pepper and 2 egg stir fry, p.m. snack was more cereal and green tea, and dinner was tofu with broccoli, carrots, onions, more red pepper with sweet and sour sauce over brown rice. So, not too bad, I guess. Too many carbs I'm guessing with the cereal but it is what it is as they say.

Lisa - weren't you talking about having to do this talk a couple of weeks ago? Did you put off the preparation like you said you weren't going to? :p

I'm anxious to hear about the calipers...are they expensive?

Talk to you later!

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