Cathe, was that you I saw . . .


on PBS last weekend?

I was flipping through channels on the tv and saw Dr. Nick (hey, that's Cathe's doc!).

He (Dr. Nicholas DiNubile) was giving a presentation on "Your Body's Framework". As the camera was scanning the audience I thought, 'I wonder if Cathe's sitting in with the crowd?' There was a close up, profile shot of a lady that looked as if it were you. Can you confirm that it WAS you?

The program was really informative. I'm hoping to get the book.

Fay, sorry to barge in here but I love your workout room. What an awesome window idea! Where did you get that?

Hi Fay! Yes, that was me. You are very observant :)

Doc Nick emailed and said that his special is going to be on various times throughout the next two weeks. I'll see if I can find out more specifics about it. I really enjoyed his special. Lots of great info.

Have a great night!
Yeah, and in the Enquirer next month Paris will look AMAZINGLY good in her pix - toned, well rested, properly nourished, fresh and happy!

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