Cathe Toronto Canada roadtrip??


New Member
Hi Cathe,

Would you ever concider doing a roadtrip in Toronto? You have a LOT of fans here in Canada that would love to go!!

Thank you!
I second this request! It would be so great to have you come here Cathe! All of us Canadian Cathletes would love it!

Another request from a born and raised Torontonian! Yes Cathe, PLEASE COME TO CANADA ONE DAY! Even Niagara Falls would be awesome, close to the border for Canadian and American Cathletes to unite!!

Niagra Falls would be a great place to have a Cathe roadtrip (great idea Natasha!!). It is close to the airport in Buffalo (half an hour drive) and easy for Canadians to get there from Pearson's or Toronto Island airport!!

Please Cathe!!!
I'm in Toronto! I would attend too. Goodness, us southern ontario cathletes could have a get together in a coffee shop. I'll bring my Cathe mug.

Whereabouts does everyone live in Toronto? I was born in North York (Yorkdale Mall anyone?? :D). I live in Bradford now (40min north of TO) but I would definitely make a trip to meet up with you gals. I'm up for some good food/drinks, and of course Cathe conversation ;).
would definitely go to Toronto

I love Canada. i love Toronto. At Chicago Road Trip we had people from all over the country and from Canada and Ireland, too! Texas, Mississippi, Utah, Washington state, Queens, NY (hi, Theresa) , Hawaii, Arizona, plus the expected Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana,'s not difficuklt to go to our neighbors in Toronto!
I am in the Toronto area as well and would LOVE it if my Cathe came!! How surreal would that be to be doing a Cathe workout and look up to see that she was right there in person and not on your tv?! I would probably fall off my step.

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