Cathe Live Workouts Similar to ___ DVD Workout


Hello all! I'm really enjoying the Cathe Live workouts. SO MUCH ENERGY!

I'm trying to figure out which DVD each live workout is most similar to so I can easily replace in Cathe's monthly rotations. I find that sticking to a rotation helps keep me on track with my workouts.

Has anyone given this any thought? Thanks in advance!


I've been hoping that an index would be available that would list a basic description of the workout, possibly a clip, a listing of the equipment needed, and (as you noted) a list of comparable workouts so that the Live workouts could be inserted into rotations. I think a lot of what I'm describing is similar to how the DVDs are displayed in Cathe's store. I'm also loving the Live workouts, but I think as the inventory builds, it will be harder to keep track of what's available. But it will be fun trying to keep up with all of them!:rolleyes:


I am just checking the cardio box for add workout, and adding a note for Cathe live. A very simple approach, but I like to check off the box, too. It keeps me honest.



I know the feeling, I downloaded the June Rotation schedule and felt the same way. I went through my DVD's and was lucky to find ones similar to the ones on the schedule. A little time consuming, but worth it!:cool:

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