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Hi Cathe or SNM

Is it possible for you to post a monthly Cathe Live schedule? I like to work out with you on Thursday mornings but it would be extremely helpful if I knew what you would be doing before Wednesday. It would greatly facilitate the planning of my weekly workouts and prevent my working the same body parts two days in a row. For example if I knew that you will be doing a leg workout I would make my leg day Thursday or if I knew that you were doing a HiiT, metabolic, cycling or upper body workout I could plan appropriately. If you can not do a monthly schedule, then even a 2 week schedule would be helpful and I do realize that there may times that last minute changes to the schedule will be necessary. Thanks for any help you can provide with this.


Staff member
We don't really plan the Cathe Live classes that far in advance. Cathe usually decides what to do the night before and the class type she selects is based on how she is feeling and also what members are requesting and feeling. Cathe doesn't like to be locked into a schedule when she teaches any classes in the Gym. She likes having the flexibility to alter her classes based on her instincts, member feedback and how she is feeling too.This way if she teaches a real hard leg class on Wednesday she can listen to her body and make Thursday's class something that doesn't work the legs or at least doesn't work them too hard so she can rest a little. When you teach as many classes as Cathe does each week you have to have this flexibility or risk an overuse injury. Hence the reason we don't announce classes more than a day or two in advance. Besides we like keeping things unrehearsed and spontaneous.

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