Cathe-I need your HELP!!


I have made a commitment to get healthier. My goal weight right now is 150#(possibly less, just have to see how I feel) and currently I weigh 208#. I want to be toned with less fat.
I have so much admiration and respect for your high quality workouts and how fantastic you look. I turned 45 this year...I workout but have struggled with my eating. I am an RN and work 12 hour night shifts so typically a 4-5 day workout week is realistically what I can do.
Your advice on how to best accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. I have your GS series, STS, X-train, High reps, Muscle Max, KPC/LG, BC/ME, BM2, LIC, B&G, your LIS, 4DS, pyramid upper/lower, intensity, crossfire, TTM, lowmax, kickmax, drillmax, Imax3, and a ton of your other workouts. If necessary I don't mind doing cardio and wts the same day but not sure if this is ideal or not.

Honestly, my dream goal is to submit my success story to you by this time next year. How cool would that be?
Thanks so much for being such an inspiration! I know you are busy with ripped HiiT but I would really appreciate your input.
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