Cathe Boss Bands & Loops Update 8-2-21


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Hi Everyone,

Our DVD production run has now been completed and is now on its way to us from Califonia. We also just received word that our cargo ship that has our Boss Bands & Boss Loops should arrive at the NYC port today, but it will take a few days before they will be allowed to dock and clear customs.

After receiving custom clearance and unloading, the last step is for a truck to deliver our shipping containers to us in New Jersey. This will not be a long journey as we're only 2 hours from the NYC port.

We're not sure how long all of this will take, but we should know more fairly soon. As soon as we hear something we will update everyone. In the meantime, we've been busy premaking all of our shipping boxes so that we will be ready to ship you your presale Boss Bands & Boss Loops as quickly as possible. However, it will take us longer than normal and several days of round-the-clock work to assemble all of the different products (DVDs + Boss Bands & Loops + travel cases) that make up your pre-sale order. There are 12 more steps that have to be done with each presale order this time than with a DVD-only pre-sale order like we usually do.

And though we don't have a definite ship date yet to give you at this time things are starting to become clearer. Based on what we're currently seeing and think we still estimate that pre-sale orders will begin shipping before August 21st. If this changes we will let everyone know on our social media sites.

IMPORTANT: If you have moved since you pre-ordered make sure to contact our customer service team at [email protected] with your new address. Don't attempt to change your address on our site as it will not change your pre-sale delivery address. Again, you must contact us to make this change.
Thanks for the update! Looking forward to getting these around the end of August :D - tentatively have them scheduled into my rotation that last week!!
I'm travelling in September, so that works out perfectly to have some familiarity with the routines before leaving. :):):)

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