cardio dance- low impact?


similar to the "cardio party" video in the low impact series. Whenever I don't really feel like getting going I pick that video. It has good music and a fun vibe. I don't think we would need a whole dance rountine- just great music matched to the moves and not a ton of jumping. Throw some standing core work in there.
I think Cathe's going to busy for awhile with her new series, but I would really like another Cardio Party style workout. I enjoy all of Cathe's workouts, but Cardio Party and one of the Party Rockin Step (can't remember if it's #1 or #2) and her Greatest Hits just have a combo of moves and music that always bring a smile to my face. Cardio Party is special, because it's all done on the floor (rather than the step), so it's a nice change of pace. Great idea, KellyRM! She might have more of that type of workout on her streaming, but I don't know. I don't have access to streaming. I'm a DVD person, so if she came out with another "party" type DVD workout (low impact), I would be a happy camper. :)

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