Can't "find" Upper Body Split!

Barbara P

I downloaded Muscle Endurance and Upper Body Split.
Muscle Endurance downloaded into iTunes just fine.

But UBS opened up in Quick Time and I cannot locate it anywhere on my hard drive. It is not appearing in iTunes at all.

I am re-downloading it right now....

I have a Mac laptop and a PC laptop (actually the same physical laptop just with a partitioned hard drive) so I just decided to download everything on the PC side of the partition since I am more familiar with PC stuff. So that's where I am doing the downloads.

Hopefully UBS will show up in iTunes when it finishes re-downloading, but where in the heck did it go to begin with. I can open up the Quick Time application program and play it from there...but can't find it anywhere else. And I can't save it as anything from there.

edited to add that apparently it finished downloading. It had said there was almost an hour remaining when I typed the original post (I am typing on a desktop not on the computer that is downloading...). The download window just closed - yet - it is not in iTunes!

I dont' know where it is or what happened. I am re-downloading (for the 3rd time) and saving it to my desktop (I think at least...ha!) at least I should know where it is.

WELL I can find it now. It is in iTunes!

But I cannot import it to the workout blender!! I get :

This video format is not supported. Please visit http://www.cathedownloads/com/ to purchase videos that work with Cathe's Wrokout Blender.


Edited once again....the Upper Body Split downloaded as a Quick Time file, not an iTunes File like the rest of the downloads. That DOES make a difference. It is in my iTunes library, but it won't transfer to the blender as apparently only iTunes files are supported, not Quick Time files.
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Thanks for the link; perhaps there should be a thread with a specific title for unsupported titles as I, like a lot of people, do not have time to read every post in every thread, and the one you linked to was titled "leaner legs" and I'm not doing anything with that one, so I never read it.

You need to create another thread with a title like "current unsupported titles" or something like that.
Don't bury the information in other threads, not everyone will see it, not everyone has the time to read everything.

Thank you.

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