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I have Cathe Live. I've been using it with my tablet and Chromecast. Now with the app for the IPhone, I got an hdmi cable and a lightening AV adapter so I could use Cathe Live via my phone. It mirror screens to my tv. I love the app! Here are the problems...when I pick a workout, the "description" shows for maybe 2-3 seconds then disappears. So I have no idea of what equipment I need. Also, I can't seem to add a wkout to the Favorites. Sometimes it will add it, other times it won't. Please help.


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The problem with the "description" disappearing means you need to close your open app window for Cathe Live on your iPhone by double clicking the home button and then swiping the Cathe Live App off your screen. As for favorites my only guess is you're not scrolling down to see the apps you have marked as a favorite on the home button screen. Favorites are added alphabetically so you will only see the first few favorites that are alphabetically first. You need to scroll by swiping up to see the rest. Your problem with this may also be related to not closing the app as mentioned above. Hope this helps.


I will also add...the favorites are added chronologically with the most recent at the top and oldest at the bottom, not alphabetically. At least that's how they've organized themselves when I pick them. I was able to add wkouts to my Favorites after closing the open app. It had nothing to do with not scrolling down far enough. Thanks for your help. I'm sure it can't be easy trying to solve tech problems with verbal cues only.

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