Cannot Log In To OnDemand

I am an on and off user of the OnDemand app. I have login credentials with this site (obviously, or I wouldn’t be able to post here). However, today I purchased a monthly subscription through the Apple App Store and I can’t get into the OnDemand app. I’ve tried my Apple ID information and the login information I use to access this site. I even changed my password on this site to see if that would help. I still cannot get in to the app. There is no option to recover or change your password on the app main page (something I have asked to have augmented previously). Please assist. And please — PLEASE — make it easier to get in to the app. This is the second time Ive had to go through an hour of trial and error just to use it. Not a good user experience.
UPDATE: I am no longer getting an invalid username or password message when I try to log on. But now the system is just processing with no access. (The icon keeps spinning until my iPad times out and turns off.)

Please advise.
I am not sure they check or answer emails on weekends :( I am still waiting on an email link so I can download
a workout that I purchased and wasn't correct to start with....and I used all my attempts...Just thought I'd let
you know.....hope you get your problem solved....
Should I just contact Apple and demand a refund? Maybe use another platform instead of CatheOnDemand? Leave you a poor review? Post this issue on social media?

I’ll give you until the end of this business day, Monday, July 20, 2020, to resolve this issue. If not resolved, you have lost a customer for good. I regret that it has come to this. I love Cathe and her workouts. They are the gold standard. And when I can access OnDemand, it works beautifully. But I sent this request Saturday, July 18. I have not received a response in over 48 hours. That is worse than poor customer service, that is total neglect and disregard for customer delight. I really don’t want to argue about this. I just want to get into the app.

The clock is ticking..........
Reported the app issue to Apple. Have requested assistance from them. If you do not respond by 5PM, EST, I will have no choice but to escalate my request to a cancellation and refund. I do not want to do this. I want to use the app. I love Cathe’s workouts. But because I cannot get technical help or even a “So sorry! We are working on it!” message from you I have to resort to walking away from a product I love?
You can do better, tech support!

I’m rooting for you!
We’re done.
I am truly disappointed that this was not resolved. I will be pursuing a refund and letting everyone know how great Cathe is... but how terrible her customer support is.
Wow. I am just stunned that you couldn’t even respond to a very simple customer request from someone who has used your products and been brand loyal for over 15 years.
What a shame.
What a shame.

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