Can 2018 Cathe still keep up with 2005 Cathe?


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So I've been doing Cathe videos since 2003. I still have a collection of VHS (yes VHS) copies of the original IntervalMax and Cross Train Express series, and I still use them. Occasionally I get down on myself because I have to pause to take a breath in order to keep my form...there was a time when I had 'Kick Max' on my calendar as a recovery day.
I would like to know whether 2018 Cathe can still videos from that era all the way through without pauses. Just curious! By the way, the hair has come a long way since IntervalMax. Much better now.


You are wondering if 2018 Cathletes can still keep up with her older videos? I am in my late forties. For weight training, yes I can still keep up. For cardio, no I can not! I find that with the shorter, intense cardio (Hiit and Liit) I am okay, but with the longer cardio (IMAX, kick box, boot camp) I need to take more breaks. I try not to get down on myself, because I've read that the shorter, more intense cardio workouts are actually more effective for us as we age. And I agree, the hairstyles have come a long way and are much better now!


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Thank goodness it isn't just me!!! I was getting so discouraged of late as videos I, too, once used as "recovery" are now, on occasion, a challenge. I will be 58 next week and it is high time to be ever so thankful for my health and stop worrying about whether or not I need to take a 5-second break once or twice in a tough cardio video.
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