Camera on Cathe when she's demonstrating . . .

I am in love with Cathe live and have been doing it for months now. My only gripe if I may, is when Cathe is demonstrating a move (proper form or what not to do) or starting a new move and the camera is on the class instead of her. There are times when we never see what Cathe was trying to show us. Or, if the class doesn't pick up on a new move right away, I have to wait until the camera moves back to Cathe. I don't know how the filming works and perhaps it's not something that can be helped. Just wanted to throw that out there.


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It really can't be helped as we have no idea what Cathe is going to do next. We do try to show Cathe when she is giving a form pointer, but this not always possible.
I have to agree. If there are 2 camera people can’t one of them stay on Cathe only? So when editing before posting it this could be avoided. I’m just asking as I have no clue what goes into the whole process.


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Hi tlc93, we don't edit Cathe Live. It is an unedited live broadcast. There are three camera operators, not two and one is always on Cathe. But you cannot instantly switch a camera. Camera operators have to move to different positions as well as adjust their focus and take care of other issues. This is done between camera shots and until a camera operator is set and clear we can't go to them. Even if the camera operator is in position and everything on their camera is fine it still takes a little time to make a switch.


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Thanks for your response. I've experienced this frustration too, but your explanation is very helpful in understanding why this is not something that can be eliminated completely. It's those little details the camera operators have to juggle that I take for granted! Thank you!
Thanks for the explanation and that makes sense. Cathe video tapes and then DVD's have spoiled me perhaps. Regardless, Cathe Live is my all time favorite and I prefer it over any other mode.

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