Angie, great personals! Are you feeling better now ?

Nina, I don't have a thyroid at all. It was removed 13 years ago due to thyroid cancer. I still am treated for it because normal treatment doesn't work for me. I don't uptake iodine, therefore the usual (and only ) treatment of radioactive iodine doesn't work. I had it 3 times before they figured that out ! eek!
Anyway, now they monitor me and take it out when it pops up. Right now I have 2 spots, one they've watched for 3 years now. It is stable, doesn't appear to be growing. The other he found yesterday but just marked it as questionable, because it is very small so he feels safe just watching for now. I have bloodwork yearly, sometimes every 6 months and dosages of synthroid and cytomel get changed quite often. Probably it is a reason for my INSANE insomnia, though my specialist hasn't ever seen a case so severe.
Doesn't it figure ???

I am completely wasting my morning ! Just don't feel like doing anything ! Isn't that awful ???:eek:
At least I DO have laundry going..........
Hola, chicas! I am such a bad checker-inner lately. I will try to do better, but make no promises.

Becky, wow! I have an underactive thyroid and take synthroid daily, but nothing like what you have! It sounds like things are under control now, so that is good. And don't worry about doing nothing--sometimes that's what you need. That's why I love doing laundry; it makes me feel productive, but takes very little effort.

Angie, I forgot to tell you I'm glad your mammo test came back okay. Flying out on Friday sounds divine, you'll get to see that baby that much sooner. I'm visiting a friend and her new baby after work today. She's my age (40) and this is her first. :eek:

Colleen, your work outs are slaying me too. I won't be able to keep up with you! But, it'll be fine, right? You rock on, girl.

Nina, did you get the skirt? Do you have a picture?

Klaudia, how was the movie last night? I can't believe how hot it is. I hope it breaks soon; I hate this kind of weather. It makes me swell.

Julie, I tried agave nectar at a friend's house recently. It's like an extra sweet version of honey. We put it in a smoothie and it was really good. I will definitely get some if I can find it around me. Oh, and I'm so sorry about your friend. That is such a shame. :(

Robin, you crack me up! And that is so nice what your JCP boss said to you! I'm sure you're one of the best workers there and that is like gold in retail.

Kate, how's your busy morning? Did the ortho visit go okay?

Wendy, what are you up to today?

Who did I miss? Clintonya! How are you, girl? I'm glad you have internet again at home. When is your next vacay?

3 weeks from today is when I get to see TCB again. We talked for a long time last night and are both very excited to see each other. He wants to spoil and pamper me and show me fun. He thinks I need fun and I agree. Oh! and rowing last night, guess what? We went out for a bite to eat afterward and I ended up sitting next to this woman who knows a bunch of my buddies from tap dancing. Isn't that funny? We had such a good time figuring out all the people we know in common. I had a rough day yesterday, so that helped tremendously.

Okay, gotta go pick up a baby gift during lunch. :eek: I hate leaving things to the last minute, but that's the story of my life these days. I'm just going to pick up a cute outfit and a gift bag from Target. Lame, I know, but it's all I can handle right now. bbl

yes indeed, that KB WO done kicked my big booty!!!!!! im headed to the gym to get on the arc trainer for a while because at least that won't hurt, lol. if im up for it later then i'll go back for combat.

made a delish dinner last night, i was getting bored with salads, chili, quinoa salad and protein shakes. mahi mahi with mango salsa on salad for me... added rice and beans for DH and bambino. and we went to that downtown tues night fair again so JJ could ride the ponies. he loves it =)

anne, i think you're shower gift is just fine. sounds like TCB is planning a great visit!

kate, we all find angles of ourselves we dont like in pics and it doesn't mean you arent lookin hot...its just an "angle", because we're not trained models, lol. dont get down about it!

angie, i liked LM but it was one of the first to get cut from my rotation, too many twisty moves.

becky, had no idea about your thyroid cancer. you are an amazing, strong woman!
julie, seriously dont worry about personals, we all have times when it gets hard.

colleen, that is quite a WO!!!

nina, is your DH interviewing for a civilian job? i think i missed the initial conversation about it. civ or mil, either way good luck to him!

klaudia, had a little "treat" myself last night... at the fair this bread company makes CHEDDAR JALAPENO BREAD and oh my...its crack to me. my "sample" was enormous and probably a meals worth of cals =(
robin, my ods also thinks we should give him a car... yikes. did you already start your new job? you must be so excited.

ok, gotta head to the gym. later, chicas!
Hi everyone!

Angie, hope you can add that extra day to your trip :D I felt like that yesterday, I was really cranky until about 2:00pm. I had to show a new employee our computer and accounting system, so I had to really reach deep to cover up my mood :) Great job getting in 2 workouts!

Becky, so sorry about your mp3 player! Glad your appt went well and hope your sleep doesn’t get affected. That’s a lot for you to have to go through – I am glad it is under control for now, and will continue to send positive vibes your way!!

Kate, it’s about 15-20 min away, wish it was a little closer :) The will be the last year of having to go for both of them, so I tell myself I can make it!!!

Nina, that’s a great coupon! I will send positive vibes for the interview :)

Klauida, I kwym, Autumn knows there is no way we can buy her a car, it’s funny how many people do have them now though.

Robin, yes, we do use agave nectar, but I also still use sugar in the raw. I guess I see the point w/the report card, but also seems like a lot of hassle too.

Colleen, I understand about not running in this heat, the high is supposed to be 104 today. Yesterday getting in the car to go home from work, it actually was hard to breathe for the first 5 minutes or so.

Anne, sorry you had a rough day yesterday, but glad you had a good night out and have the TCB trip to look forward to :D We are going for a weekend trip to nyc (were going to do dc and nyc) and go see wicked. Jasmin also wants to see the fashion museum.

Wendy, your last night’s dinner sounds great! I am glad jj is enjoying his time in CA :)

The end of week sleepiness has set in for some reason even though it is only Wed. I am going to do cardio this evening, not sure of which one yet. We just got the unlimited streaming plan from Netflix and we have all been really enjoying that. It’s great to be able to watch what we want instead of just what is on. We are working on getting rid of cable tv and it is funny that Autumn & Jasmin have been all for it :) Will bbl, probably late!

Clintonya, if you and your girls (don't know about DH) like fashion, check this out:


That's one of the things TCB and I are going to do while I'm there. I've never been to the Met, so I'm looking forward to it. It's there until 8/15.

Hi Julie, I missed you earlier! Hope your day is going ok!

Thanks Anne, I will take a look at that this evening. Jasmin is in LOVE w/fashion :D, dh will pretty much go see anything :)

we are all so chatty lately!

clintonya, have a great weekend in ny. where are you staying?

anne, i agree with tcb - you should be pampered and spoiled. how wonderful you are with a guy who gets that (and supports it;))

klaudia, the grocery store is my nightmare, unless i can go thru the 10 and under checkout isle:p licorice and popcorn, huh? i unfortunately opened a bag of choc chips:eek:

wendy, what great wos. do you go to the gym twice a day every day? dh would shoot me, i think. that is so wonderful how supportive yours is.
my dh is navy reserve, but mobilized right now. the delta job is civilian.

becky, i had no idea you had thyroid cancer. did you have insomnia before too?

angie, hope you can get out friday.

thanks for all the well wishes for dh. i am nervous for him, but he will be wonderful, and if he does not get the job, we will be fine. major family drama here (hence the opened bag of choc chi8ps). i stopped eating them and did my ub work, which was good. now i am on the fence about yoga - i just want to veg out and read. i know i will not get to it later though. sighhhh:rolleyes: bbiab
Whoops, I did retail therapy at Target. I bought 3 bathing suits and 3 tank tops in addition to the baby gift. :eek: The bathing suits are bikinis, so I'm going to try them on at home. I don't know if I can wear a bikini, I haven't in years. We will see.

Nina, when is DH's interview? {{{HUGS}}} on the family drama, I know how stressful that is. Remember you can vent to us any time.

Clintonya, the great thing about the fashion exhibit at the Met is there is so much to see there if one member is not into that, they could go to another part of the museum.

Wendy, how do you make mango salsa? Do you follow a recipe or just make it up as you go? Do you use fresh or frozen? I love mangoes, so I think I should try that.

Okay, back to work!

Hey girlies!

WO choice of the day was Turbo Jam - cardio party #3! I had a blast. I always said that TJ would be so good if it was just slightly harder/longer - so I hear TF is TJ on speed which sounds awesome to me.

So, gotta get some homework done tonight. I'll check back in the AM. Definitely chatty around here...
I agree Angie. I love TJ but it's pretty easy.....

Eats today were good :
B: smoothie
L: black bean burger, kale chips, white nectarine
D: grilled amish chicken breast, grilled zucchini, summer squash & baby portabella mushrooms & I am going to have greek yogurt and strawberries & blueberries in a bit for my dessert/snack. :)
We made it to the pool today but only lasted a little over an hour. Twice my middle child with DS ran for the deep end and that was once too many.:eek:

Angie, great wo! Have a good night.

Anne, Sounds like TCB really likes you.;) I'm sure you will look great in your bikinis! And I thought your baby gift was just fine.:)

Nina, no worries, only STRONG bodies here.:D But thanks for your concern.;) Sorry about the family drama. Good Luck to your dh.

Clintonya, we are close to DC and it is super hot. Have fun in NYC!

Wendy, your dinner sounded yummy. Wish I had more time to put into meals. Or maybe it's just my lack of talent?;)

Klaudia, I call popcorn a healthy snack.:)

Colleen, Good choice on avoiding a run in the heat. I'm ready for a break from this!

Another swim meet for my kids but dh is timing tonight.

Becky, Kate, Robin, Katie - hope you had a good day.
Hi Girls! What a day! Ended with Gina puking! She's feeling fine now but ..... WEIRD!

See you all in the morning!
Anne, I took a look at that and I think she would love it. She enjoys history too! We are going up next weekend so it will still be there.

Nina, sorry about the fd, we have that going on here too! We are going to stay in White Plains and take the metro north into the city.

Angie, hope you are fast asleep by now :)

Becky, your snack sounds great! We need some more fruit, it has been so hot it’s just not lasting as long as usual.

Julie, hope the kids had fun at the swim meet.

Kate, glad she is feeling better! Hope the night goes smooth for you!!

I decided to do cardio kicks. With the sleepiness of the day, that about did me in :) I am glad it is bedtime. We must have the sleeping sickness in my house because everyone woke up late today, hope we do better tomorrow.


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