^.^.^ c / t FRIDAY EVE ^.^.^


Colleen, Props to you for hangin' w/ Ins for so long! As much as I want to I just can't - I need more variety.
Our will powers must've run away and are having an affair on some wonderful Carribean island!:p:p:p


Kate, I think they went to Bonaire, part of the ABC islands off the coast of Venezuela (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao). There's fantastic snorkeling there. I haven't been yet, but plan to get there one day. At least I hope that's where my will power went because I want some part of me to be enjoying itself!

Colleen, I hate humidity too, but we don't have it as bad as you do. Yesterday was pretty muggy, but it's supposed to be lower today.

Becky, cherry bomb smoothie? Recipe, please. I love smoothies. I also want to try your peanut butter-banana ice cream. Do you have a recipe or just put them both in and whir away?

Klaudia, can D stop answering the phone after a certain hour? I really think if you establish boundaries with people they'll respect them. They act the way you let them, so if he lets them call him all evening, they will.

Nina, I'm glad you liked the shred class, it sounds like fun.

Angie, that's so funny that you miss carpet! I can't wait to get rid of mine. I prefer hardwood/tile floors. We're all different, huh?

Hi Julie!

Yeah, Robin, when do you start your new job? I hope today goes quickly for you.

Katie, are you on vacation yet? Ha! Mentally, right?

Wendy, how are the guys at your place? Anyone feeling better yet?

I think that's everybody. The massage was nice last night, but I'm a little sore this morning. I hold all my tension in my upper back, so there were a lot of knots to get out. She got them all and I'm definitely feeling looser, but it will take until tomorrow to feel really good.

Thanks for the kind words and support, everybody. Yes, TCB will get over it, it was just bad timing (of course) because he has his own load of crap that he's dealing with. Everybody has something, don't they? But I talked to my sister last night and we have a line on a woman and her twin daughters who do live-in 24 hour care. Their last patient just passed away so they are looking for work. They come highly recommended by a dear friend of my father, so I'm optimistic we may be able to make that work. At least temporarily.

Okay, onward and upward. Rowing tonight, which will be fun. Have a great Thursday, everybody!



Anne- for my fake ice cream I just put in sliced frozen bananas and something else...........sometimes a T of PB......sometimes 1/3 cup of frozen cherries (LOVE this!) or blueberries and a splash of vanilla. SOOOO good !!! It's like soft serve. Takes maybe 5 minutes ?
DH loves it too.
Cherry Bomb Smoothie, I'll go get the recipe in a bit and post it, but it's my very favorite right now and I've been drinking it every.single.morning ! SO GOOD !!!


Chocolate Cherry Bomb Smoothie

1 cup water (or milk)
1 frozen banana
1 cup frozen cherries
1/4 cup protein powder
2 T. hemp seeds (or flax)
2 T chocolate powder (I use raw)
splash of vanilla or almond

This is like HEAVEN if you like chocolate & cherries ! My favorite smoothie to date ! :)
Hope you enjoy!


Hello again ladies! Thought I'd check on you while I munch my salad. Gotta see my MW and get on the scale tomorrow - being extra careful this week.

I found an online calculator that told me based on my height, pre-pg weight, activity level, etc I should consume about 2180 cals/day in 2nd trimester.

My parents have been divorced since I was 4 so 24 years. Everyone is very pleasant and we can do vacations or Thanksgiving together. I know I am lucky.

Back my my stressful job - another 3.5 hrs, then I am home free!


Anne, Meet you there!!!:D Sounds like a fantastic place to be!
That's good news abt help for your dad! Hope it works out!

Becky, That sounds delicious! I should get into smoothies more....hmmmmm.

Katie, My parents split when I was 3. They get along ok, but their spouses don't like to come to family functions at our house when they know the other spouse will be there. Dumb dumb dumb.

Ate my body weight in pico w/ lunch. Watermelon too. I'd say I'm all set on lycopene for the day.....or week!:p Bfast & lunch were clean, just prob too much. NEED TO COUNT CALs!!! I think i'll look into dailyplate.

Looks like myWO is going to be an hour of Just Dance w/ Isabel as soon as I get WonderChub down for her nap.


what a wretched morning!! i want to scream and cry. i was just trying to sort something out for my mom and she blew up at me again. so of course i ate a sleve of grahm crackers. dh got some disappointing news. i am so frazzled. sorry, no personals, i just needed to vent.
Hi everyone!!

Katie, glad you got your pc fixed. Vacation is almost here for you :D:D

Anne, so sorry for the situation w/your mom and dad! I’ll be thinking of you :) And sorry for what happened w/TCB! Stress is hard and sometimes it just gets the best of us :)

Kate, sending you strength!! Send me back some too – I haven’t worried much about calories for the last 2 weeks, but got to get back to it! I will be in the same range as you around 1500-1600.

Becky, a pool would be so nice for you and the grandkids :D:D

Angie, thankfully I have not had to do a group project for my online classes, that would be a struggle!! Thanks the computer just had to crash while I was preparing for the audit :)

Klaudia, congratulations on the new family member :D Speaking of legs and glutes, I was just thinking I need to do butts & guts again! I haven’t done it in forever!!

Colleen, sorry about the feeling like Fri on a Thur!! I am so confused this week, when I checked in yesterday, I had written that it was Tuesday!

Julie, how did the swim meet go? I haven’t met anyone who knows of Cathe either, but most of the people I know don’t w/o.

Robin, did you enjoy the rest of your trip? I know it’s crazy, Richmond city schools just got out on Tuesday!!

Wendy, hope dh and jj are feeling better and that you didn’t catch it.

Nina, happy Belated Birthday to Finn!!! I hope he had a great day!

Lisa, hope you are hanging in there :)

I am sleepy, too many late nights working catching up w/me!! The hard part of the audit is over, now it is just waiting. The cold/sore throat is almost gone. Jasmin’s dance class on Thurs are at the time I usually w/o so I am going to take a rest day on Thurs. Hope everyone is having a good day!!



Nina, So sorry abt your mom - just yuck. And I take it DH's work is abt his job? BIG HUGS to you!!!

Clintonya, Busy busy days for you! Do you use any software for tracking your nutrtition?

I love Just Dance! We have so much fun w/ that silly thing! Need to see if there's a sequel! :D


Just wanted to check in and say I just did step works (on the cardio hits dvd) and it was awesome. I did it with 2 risers for the first two combos and then had to go down to 1 (they all did too... except for Rhonda of course).

Anyway, never underestimate "old" Cathe.

Gotta shower and get settled down for the night. I'll check in for personals tomorrow.

Nina, so sorry about your mom. (((HUGS)))!!!


Hi all,

Just popping in for a quick "hi". School is out!!!:D:eek:

Of course, it is the hottest day of the year and everyone's going in different directions!:eek:

Nina, I'm sorry about your mom. I do the same thing sometimes when it gets rough. Hang in there.

Becky, thanks for posting the smoothie recipe. I was going to ask for it myself. Can't remember who else was talking about smoothies recently, but I LOVE them and love getting new recipes. And I eat pb/bananas about every day for a snack. YUM!

Hi to everyone else! I'll try to catch up later.

I am a bit emotional at the moment as my husband just reminded me what today was... Two years ago today (at 4 days old) my baby's life was saved via open heart surgery. Life is very, very good and I am counting my blessings.:)



Hi Angie!

Good to hear you like Cathe's older DVDs since I don't have those. And you impress me with your nighttime wo's with young kids. I am toast come dinner time.:eek:

Have a good night!



Julie! That's so crazy. Did you know there was a heart problem before the birth? How long was he hospitalized? I can't even imagine having a baby in the hospital. Ellie got a crown put on her tooth and had to be given sedation and I could barely handle that. Geez. What a blessing for sure!
Kate, I use CalorieKing. It’s is an program that is downloaded on my computer so I don’t have to worry about Internet access when I need to enter stuff. I think it was about $45, a one-time fee. Here’s the link http://www.calorieking.com/software/ckdietdiarywin.php

Nina, sorry for the bad day!!! I hope it turns around for you.

Julie, what a story! I can’t imagine how scary that must have been.

I will pay someone if they let me take nap :):) Hopefully 9:30 will get here soon!!



4 pages, I am a little overwhelmed with catching up on all of you!

down 2 more lbs when i got on scale today =) hopefully it will be that or more tomorrow for final BL weigh-in!!! no way I am placing in the competition because there are about 5 people at the very top who have lost 20+ lbs. but whatev...we're all getting healthier!
eating has been good.

kate, i have used sparkpeople.com for logging cals in the past and like the interface a lot. totally free, too.


Just got done with Legs and Glutes-woo hoo!! I was going to take the girls for a walk, but they decided to misbehave so it's a no go:( Bummer for me cause I really wanted to get some extra cardio but I gotta be tough!

Nina, sorry about your bad day. Hoping things are better soon.

Julie, what a scary thing to endure with your little one! You have lots of blessings to count for sure!

Wendy, way to go on the weight loss!

Clintonya, hope you enjoyed your rest day!


I am bummed that I did not get a wo in today, but I didn't get enough sleep so it would not have been good for me. Overall, I did not have a terrific eating day, but it wasn't terrible either. I held back on sampling any leftover treats I made for our school (chocolate/candied pretzel rods), so that was big for me.:)

My oldest is having a sleepover tonight and the only problem I have is making sure the kids are out of my wo space the next am.;)

Klaudia - Don't you hate it when punishing our kids has a negative impact on us also?:(

Wendy - WooHoo on the wt loss!:D

Clintonya - Hope you got some rest and that your work gets better. My kids did well at the swim meet. Thanks.:)

Angie - We found out about my baby's heart condition at my 20-wk sonogram. They sent us to a Cardiologist that day and were told he would have to have open heart surgery to survive. 20-some yrs. ago babies with his condition did not make it, so we were truly blessed with a miracle. We are very fortunate to live in an area with awesome doctors. He was in the hospital 2 wks.

Kate - Hi! Wish we had Just Dance. I know my dd would love it. Your lunch sounded good to me. I ate quite a bit of watermelon today. I think I was confusing hunger with thirst (or maybe it's the other way around).:p My dh is not home consistently, but every now and then he surprises me by working from home. But his mind isn't really here so sometimes it's not that great.:( BTW, his name is Mike, too.:)

Anne - Hope things are looking better for you and that the potential help works out. My mil is in a nursing home and my dh and his brothers are often in a similar dilemma. Hope you're feeling better after the massage.

Katie - Isn't it sooo hard trying to figure out how much you can eat when pregnant? I always went over.;) I used to try and track my eating on SELF's website, bc you could calculate how much you should eat when you are expecting. Hope you are feeling well.

Becky - I love to bake, too! Just don't have much time for it these days. Unless I sacrifice sleep.

Colleen - Hi! I was w/you today thinking it was Friday. Bummer.

Robin - What kind of work do you do? You asked about Facebook. I am terrible at finding the time for it.

Off to bed before I have two bad night's worth of sleep.




julie, theres a bunch of us that love to bake, including me! ive been successfully avoiding it though because it usually involves eating =)

kl, WTG on L&G! sorry for the gals misbehaving.

angie, i miss rhonda in the newer vids!

kate, what is just dance? try sparkpeople.com before you pay for software, you might really like it.


katie, glad you're comp has a heartbeat again =)

robin, BTS stuff?????? my ods isnt even OUT of school yet!!!!!

becky, i am totally trying that cherry bomb smoothie, it sounds delish! i love frozen banana in a smoothie, it really does make it like ice cream!

colleen, youve been kickin BOO-TAY with insanity, i wouldve burned out on it my day 2 =)

hope im not forgetting anyone. its been harder and harder to get here to check in. JJ is actually sleeping later these days and its a rush to get out the door to the gym. and then the day just gets away from me sometimes! i need to be more regular at checking in and some other things too, im working on it, trying to be more organized in my day.

the BB is doing well for me. i dont want to be slave to cals and i think 2 weeks is just long enough for me to gleen valuable info from it and move on. for instance today i had a cal deficit of about 800. i try to keep the deficit btw 500 and 1000 because it sayestimated ill lose 1-2 lbs per week this way.

see ya manana!!

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