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I *tried* to keep up with the past two threads from the iPhone, but please forgive me if I forget something!

Angie, I am LUSTING after the iPad, but I too cannot justify the $$. If I could just plop down $500 and be done with it, I would. But to have to pay $50 a month or whatever for service? No thanks!
Kate, how did the sleepovers end up? Thanks for letting everyone know I was alive!
Nina, you asked the other day who was going with us to the beach. It's me, Chris, and Collin of course, my mom will be there for the whole week also, and my dad and *maybe* my stepmother are coming down for a few days. Yes, my divorced parents get along famously, it's weird but good. And NO, NO IN-LAWS this year:D
Anne, I am sooooo sorry to hear about your dad. I will be thinking of your family.
Hi Klaudia, Colleen, Clintonya, Robin, Julie, Wendy, Lisa.... Wow, our check-in has really grown!


:D It's Alive It's Alive LOL

Morning ladies. I am going to work all day long. Believe it or not, we are expecting a huge Back To School shipment. We are even getting Halloween stuff in. Crazy or what?

I'm not sure if I'll be able to workout today but I will eat clean.

b-whole grain toast and egg whites
l-turkey wrap
d-who knows???
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Good Morning Girls !

Katie, Glad you're back ! I hate it when I have computer or internet problems !!! I feel so disconnected.

Hi Robin ! :)

No rain this morning *Yay!* so will be walking soon and then today is leg day.

bbl :)


Katie, Nice to see you! The sleepovers went great, apart from me not being too crazy abt G's friend. The girls were so excited - very cute!
Your vacation sounds so lovely. I would love to join you and if Julia weren't so AWFUL on long trips I'd be packin' my bags right now!

Robin, BTS & HALLOWEEN?!?!?! NOOOOOO! :p

Becky, Have a nice walk & have fun w/ leg day! My legs are SORE from PP on MONDAY. Not going to work them again til after my race on Saturday. I should do some CS to loosen them up!
Any luck talking DH into the pool?!?!? Just buy it - it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!;)

Anne, Sorry abt your dad and the fight w/ TCB.:(

Julie, I havent done KPC in yrs....need to do it again I suppose. Is your DH home from work at regular times? Mike is always very busy & super stressed out but almost always home at 5:30 for dinner - I love bing able to count on that. Of course there's a hundred phone calls & emails once he's home, but at least he's home!

Busy day for me ahead - the next FEW days are actually. Today we're going out to just have fun. Isabel will be off w/ her BFF so the other 2 & I are going to a really cool pet shop & shopping/lunch. I'm excited. Tonight we have my nephew's t-ball game. He's 5 - so cute! I need HELP eating clean! I figured out that to lose a pound a week I need to be at 1600 cals. Guess I need to do it tho. I suppose its 3 - 500 cal meals per day and a 100 cal snack. ?????? Send me strength!


Kate- we need to get a bobcat to do the patio, so I just said that while we have that, he can level a spot for the new pool and he didn't say no, so I'm still hoping ! But with this crazy humidity and heat, I want it SOONER than later !!!!! Am trying to light a fire under his butt and get him GOING !!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Strength to you.......we'll help you stay focused !
Have fun at t-ball :) :) :)

Walk was great.....very sticky. The air is THICK !


ugg - bACK from my run and my 4 yo is acting like a 2 yo! he is grumpy and surly. back to bed i sent him:mad: my 11 miles hwas hot and humid, but i am glad i did it. eats will be good again today. i am so close to my goal.

katie, sorry for the computer issues. and i c annot tell you how jealous i am of your parents friendly divorce. how long has it been?

anne, hugs to you. so so sorry for your dad. and then tcb issues on top of that. take a deep breath and just try to be a good "you"today. people have a huge capacity for forgiveness, and i am sure he will understand.

kate, why the extreme diet? and how are the insides working today? i am excited for you and your race.

\hi robin. are you starting that other job soon? i cannot imagine bts and halloween.

hi becky - hope your day goes well.

lots of stuff to do today, glad my wo is done, though i hope to do some yoga later. better go get my naughty one.


Becky, Your backyard sounds so nice! That's great about the pool! Hope it can happen soon for you! I know you'll love it!
I haven't been outside yet....Guess I better go do it & feed the dog. Mike's been eaving htat job for me lately & I hate it. Better to do that tho than to empty the litter boxes - YUCK!!!:p:p


Nina, Diet cause I'm fat!:p Not really fat, just not where I want to be. I think cal tracking will prob be good for me. Blech tho!
Sorry for the KF this morning! So far so good here but it's only 7!:p
Insides are so-so. The dr's tricks are mostly working - she wants me to do a liver cleanse & I'm waiting to start it til I have a cpuple quieter days - dont want to be out & about if I have a strong reaction to it.
My race is gonna be AWFUL!:p I haven't ran in a couple weeks! LOL! Who knows - maybe I'll surprise myself!?

I'm jealous of Katie's parents ability to get along too! Wonderful! My stepmom said the other day "I don't like feeling like a stepmom?" WTHECK?!?!?!? You ARE a stepmom!!!! And my dad's THIRD wife at that!:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


Hey girls,

Having a good day here. Spent a while vacuuming up my whole house - it gets so nasty with all tile/hardwood. I miss carpet! This afternoon I am going to spend some time outside since it is just gorgeous! I am going to just rest and listen to my favorite podcasts that I haven't had time for the last couple of weeks.

Katie, glad your computer is working! And I hear you on the monthly service thing for the ipad. What a crock! I think the kindle has won and we just got our tax return (CAT takes FOREVER to do them) so there you go!

Robin, that's crazy that there are bts things. My kids aren't even out of school yet! Don't take my summer away...

Becky, yay for no rain and good luck with leg day. I HATE leg day!

Nina, sorry about kid issues this morning. No fun. Yesterday Ellie whine the whole day. It's exhausting!

Kate, 1600 cals sounds glorious to me. I have to stick to about 1200 if I want to lose a pound a week. I think I can hang at 1500 once I meet my goal but I will not lose eating that much - but I'm LOTS shorter than you! Have fun with all your stuff the next few days. I love days like that. I'm such a social bug and get so lonely here.

Anne, so sorry to hear about your dad. And I agree, I'm sure TCB will get over it and forgive. Hang in there (((HUGS))).

Julie, I have a love hate relationship with all kb workouts. I don't like punching moves but I like the "blasts" that are in them.

Wendy, so sorry you lost your post. So annoying! Hope you were able to get back to the gym!

Okay, time to take the girls back to school. I'll try to check in again later.


Good morning Ladies!

Only have time for a quick "hello", and hope everyone has a great day! It's super crazy for me right now.

Robin, Nice to meet you!:)




Angie, 1200!!! How do you survive on that?!?! Makes my 1600 look like a pigout!:eek:
Sounds like you have a nice day ahead! When do the girls get out of school?

Hi Julie!:D:D


And here I thought I got up early! Page 2 already!

It's looking like a beautiful day here-warm, sunny, and less humid:) Hoping to get outside today with the girls. Danica has dance tonight. My workout will be L&G and some abs. I did Double Wave Pyramid-phew! Eats were good-except for my ice cream cone at McD's and a handful of m&ms:eek: Oh, and I bought a bunch of clothes and 4 30 Minutes to Fitness dvds and will probably preorder the new ones today:)

Katie, a no stress vacation? What's that?;)

Robin, someone posted about thta on FB-summer clothes getting discounted and fall merchandise arriving-blech!

Becky, I'll be doing the same workout here but I'll walk tonight:)

Kate, have a great time! I love your advice about asking for forgiveness-that's what I'll be doing once Darrin gets the cc bill!:eek: I thought D was the only one whose phone kept going once he got home-glad to know I'm not the only one!

Nina, sorry about the grumpy kid-no fun! Woo hoo on reaching your goal weight!

Angie, enjoy your day! We buy stock in Swiffers-Darrin's favorite way to unwind from work is to crack open a beer and clean all the hardwood floors-very sexy;)

Julie, hope your days gets easier!

Anne, sending you lots of hugs, girl! We are here for you in any capacity-vent, cry, whatever you need to do. And TCB will get over it-he's got to know how much stress you're under right now.

Wendy, did you get to the other class last night?


Hi Julie!! :)

Kate, 1200 is actually plenty for me if I eat "right." I'm also not nursing... Girls are in school through next week and then I signed them up for 3 weeks of summer school so I could finish up my courses and also take my trip to IL to see my new nephew when he arrives!!


Klaud, Cooler & less humid here too but it is GRAY!
Your eating offenses were better than mine yday!:eek: I have a serious problem of not serving myself any then nibbling away at the girls' stuff.:mad: I should just serve myself a small portion & be done with it. OR NOT EAT ANY AT ALL! WHAT has happened to my will power?!?!?!?
Mike's phone rings ALL NIGHT LONG. Even at 10pm last night. For real. And annoying.

Angie, Will you get to go to IL all by yourself?!?!
I tried to sign the girls up for SOMETHING but they weren't havin' it. :rolleyes: I still need to order Rosetta Stone but my word, my CC has been on fire. Embarrassing. I need to tone it down!:p


angie, a trip state side? yeah! when is your cruise? and i eat 1200 by mid afternoon i am sure, and i am short:(

klaudia, what are the 30 min to fitness dvds? who does them? which are your favs?

kate, you will do great at your race, i know it!

house is all clean, dh is getting ready to leave, and the boys and i have our work cut out for us.


Kate, Darrin's phone and text go nonstop! I mean, really? He's in landscaping, not medicine!

Nina, Kelly Coffey-Meyer is the instructor. I've never done them but I've heard good reviews and wanted to try some new weights stuff and I like that they're short-especially for summer. They've already shipped so hopefully I can try them next week:)


I don't ever count calories, but omg I KNOW it's way more than 1200 for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I figure with our workouts and active livestyles we need more ! Or am I fooling myself ??:eek:

For legs, I skipped the STS workout and went for variety. I did the lower body portion of Jackie Warners workout (TOO EASY) which was 20 minutes and then did all the standing work from Butts & Gutts. Together it was a good leg workout.

I'm baking chocolate cookies with pb chips (of course! It's garbage day! :p). Garbagemen AND dd will be very happy !:D

Time for my cherry bomb smoothie !! Happy Days!:D:cool:


Becky, OMW what I could do that plate of cookies!:eek::eek::eek:
And my dear, you look FANTASTIC! Whatever your'e eating is clearly workin' for you!

Nina, Thanks for the vote of confidence on the race! Last yr I think I got 27:?? on this race. I'd like to do better but I highly doubt I will. I need to come up with a pumpin' playlist!
Good luck to you and your boys today! Pool?

Klaudia, If Mike's late-night calls were about flooding basements or somethign I would totally get that. BUt contractors call for the most moronic reasons sometimes.
I did a KCM from Netflix a couple months ago - I liked it! Fun for you!!!


Hi Everyone!

My body thinks it is Friday so it will be in for a rude awakening tomorrow. Today's workout was Insanity Core Cardio & Balance and Cardio Recovery. I really needed it. I am starting to burn out on Insanity but I just have 2 days left. I may just run and do abs tomorrow then finish with Plyo Circuit and legs on Sat. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Kate, you are lucky that M comes home at a regular time. DH and I are all over the place depending on our workload. Sometimes we don't eat dinner until 8:30 or 9:00. I hear you on the willpower. I need to find some quick!
Becky, I could never do all the baking you do. I would gain 20 lbs.
Angie, I couldn't survive on 1200 calories unless I wasn't working out. I am glad you can get by on so little.
Nina, I am tired of the humidity here and it is only June. Great job powering through your run.
Klaudia, I love my KCM Cardio one. I wasn't in love with the weight one (Muscle Definition) but the abs were great. I should try it again and use heavier weights.
Robin, I am so tired of stores rushing things just to get a sale. When do you start your new job?
Wendy, you asked about extended stretch the other day and I forgot to respond. Yes it is part of STS.
Anne, sorry to hear about your dad. I can't imagine how stressful it is for you right now.

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