By popular demand, detailed Packing List again!


REVISED detailed packing list!!

Hi everyone!

By popular demand (thank y'all for the nice e-mails! :), we are attaching here a more detailed packing list, kinda like the ones we've done in preceding RT years. We hope this is helpful!

See you all in a few days!! :D



Road Trippers, Cathe pointed out to us (and to y'all -- see her thread) that we really need to bring eight (8) (yep, you read that right :eek:) workout outfits. We've revised your detailed packing list accordingly. Please see the NEW attachment!


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Love the packing list! Quarters are a must and shower towels! I'm trying to travel light b/c I'll be taking the train, but 8 w/o outfits just may push m over the edge :p

Can't wait to see you all!



Hey Jodi!

Will we need to bring a resistance band this year?
Yes, we recommend it. Not sure where/if Cathe's going to be plugging it in, but it's good to have it available and it doesn't take much room.

No need to pack your stability ball or med ball, by the way. ;)

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