Burping as a pregnancy symptom


I'm new here but have been lurking for a little while. I just thought I would pop in and ask if any of you have had major burping as a symptom of pregnancy. My period is due in 3 days, but I've noticed that I am constantly burping!! I was talking to my neighbor yesterday and just couldn't stop burping. Of course, I was mortified, but she said that happened to her during both of her pregnancies (I haven't even told her hubby and I are trying!)

Does anyone have an opinion (or any funny/embarrassing stories? :+)

Thank you in advance,



haven't heard about burping, not to say it couldn't be a sign

for me it was extreme thirst about 2 days before I was due for AF, and pimples on my legs (past pg I got them on my butt the cycle I conceived - talk about weird!), and the day before I was due I noticed my nipples were sore when the shower poured down on them.

I hear, what is unusual for your body, could be a sign. So good luck! Hey if AF does come, do what I did and have a nice drink on cd 1! :)


Hi Moira,

I agree with Julie - if it's unusual for your body, then it absolutely can be an early symptom! I know it's common for pregnant women to have increased gas (both flatulance and burping), but don't know how early it typically starts. For me, my early (before AF day) symptom was a sudden desire to put pepper on *all* my food. And I've never liked pepper. Ever.

Keep us posted!


I've heard that this could be a symptom. For me it was heartburn (which I never get) and increased saliva. The night that I noticed the heartburn and saliva I was still 5 days away from my expected period. Tested the next morning and it was positive.

Good luck!

Thank you all for your feedback. The burping is definitely strange for me. I'm also starting to break out on my chest and back (which I haven't done since high school!) I'm going to wait to test until this weekend which is when I was expecting AF anyway. I will be sure to let you all know how it goes!

JulieL- If AF does come, I'll make it a double. :eek:

Sandra- I hope the pepper thing doesn't happen, can't stand the stuff. Hopefully it will be garlic!!! :9

All three of you have so far to go! I hope I can make the trip with you!

:D Moira :D


Hi Moira,

Nope, no burping but I have had gas...that's for sure! Just comin' out of the other end! EEEEWWWW! I'd rather be burping alot! lol Hope I didn't gross anyone out!:)


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I have been burping a lot more than normal since about the 6th week. I have not had the heartburn issues but passing gas both ways, yep! I am just happy now that I have an excuse, DH has never been a big fan of my vocal gas :p
Thank you for your responses. Unfortunately, we're not pregnant. Hubby and I had a really quick cry about it and vowed to start trying again today (who cares if it's not my fertile time, we need practice, right! :eek: )

The burping hasn't really subsided so I may head to a doc just to see what's up!

Thanks again and good luck to everyone with your pregnancies. I'll be thinking about all of you!



Good Luck Moira! Remember it can take time, but have fun bedding in the mean time! :) Hope to see you "offically" over here soon, but bump over any time! I know how long it can seem trying!

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