Boss Bands & Loops Series Music


Hi Everyone,

Hope all of you are enjoying the holidays as well as keeping the muscles and bones lean and jolly! Here is the song list from the Boss Bands & Loops Series. All of the music is from Yes! Fitness Music and most of the mixes can be found on the Pre-mix website.

Boss Bands Total Body
1. Feel Alright (Dub Mix) – The DOK Vs. Farina Ft. Michelle Lil
2. Don't You Care (Roby Arduini Extended) – Max Marani & Matt Cee Ft. G-Ray & Mark
3. Boys & Girls
4. This Is How It Feels
5. Big Love
6. You Got The Love
7. Banto
8. DJ Make Me Fly
9. I Wonder
10. I'm Feeling Good
11. Don't Cry
12. Dance With Us
13. Catch Me
14. Happy Children
15. Voices In My Head

That playlist was from the album: Live Stream Now: Cardio 3

Boss Loops Glutes & Core – Custom Mix - 128 BPM
1. Noizy (Fresco Remix) – Andrea Bertolini
2. Belong to You – Niko Noise
3. My Time (T & B in Da House Mix) – Tognarelli E Bertani
4. Thank U Gtronic (Style Mod Remix) – Elektromafia
5. Loving Dubs (Original Mix) – Ricky Rinaldi
6. Gonna Make You Sweat (Complete Saxy Mix) – Sam Paganini
7. Carnaval De Brasil (Raf Marchesini Electro Remix) – Saint Martin
8. Just Dance (Original Extended Mix) – Hitfinders Ft. Zandile Zulu
9. Don_t Stop Movin_(T Street Funky Mix) – East End
10. Tumba (Original Version) – Max The Voice
11. Life _Rule the World_ (Radio Edit) – Dab & Sissa

Boss Bands Total Body Stretch Tune
Photo Chill – Jon Kool (From Live Stream Now: Yoga 5)

Boss Loops Glutes & Core Stretch Tune
Random Encounters - Aurora (From Live Stream Now: Yoga 3)
A Long Walk Home - Aurora (From Live Stream Now: Yoga 3)

Enjoy the Music! Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

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