BoneSmart Pilates...anyone?


Cathe's Pilates Fusion workout in the new series has piqued my interest. I once purchased a pilates DVD probably in the late 1990's or early 2000 - didn't really care for it, don't really remember it, and have since donated it. I've avoid anything Pilates since. However since Cathe's including a Pilates Fusion workout, I've purchased Jessica's Gentle Yoga plus Pilates ... it is gentle. I've been on Amazon to check out other Pilate dvds and note there's different brands like Windsor & Stott. There's also a BoneSmart Pilates brand for Aging Strong. Most reviews are positive. Just wondering if anyone's done it & how it compares to like Stott or Windsor. Or if you have another recommendation for someone new to Pilates? TIA.
I can recommend Lottie Murphy’s Pilates. She has her own app which is really great with an huge variety of pilates workouts and a great free YouTube channel so you‘d have the opportunity to see if her style and manner of teaching appeals to you.
Years ago, I did the 21 Day Fix Extreme workout from Beachbody and one of the DVD's was called Pilates Fix Extreme. I also did some of the workouts from another Beachbody series called Pi-Yo. Chalene Johnson led that one and it was a fusion of pilates and yoga. I liked both of those workouts. Depending on my financial situation, I'd still love to order Cathe's new series.
I've never heard of BoneSmart Pilates. I had a quick look, and it says it "addresses correct and healthy body alignment and offers a safe method for improving strength, flexibility and balance that is useful for anyone interested in aging with power and grace." This could describe most forms of Pilates. It seems like it is classical Pilates with some modifications to make it osteoporosis friendly. Stott and Windsor take the classical Pilates and put their own spin on it. I've done quite a few Stott Pilates workouts and a couple of Windsor Pilates and I prefer the Stott ones. Both styles use the main classical moves especially in the beginner level workouts. I would say that Stott tends to be more athletic, and sports person focused. Personally, I find the Windsor ones a bit boring.

Others I would recommend are Dez Fit and April Plank. Both have free workouts on YouTube. I mostly do their reformer workouts, but they have some mat workouts on their sites. They also use props like a mini ball and resistance bands. They tend to be a bit more athletic.

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