Body Fat Scale


I saw a Tanita body fat scale last night at Target and it calculates water% ALSO. I currently have a body fat only and even though I know these things are not accurate I am tempted to get the latest and greatest. Does anyone have one of these?


We have a Tanita body fat scale that we bought probably ten years ago and I love it. I don't believe that the body fat calculation is very accurate, so I just use it as a baseline for change. I've read that body fat scales like Tanita only really measure lower body body-fat. With that said, it's been an excellent scale for measuring body weight. DH has his own profile and I have mine.


I don't have the latest and greatest, probably because the first couple I bought were anything but that! There are so many variables that can affect the scale readings as far as bodyfat %, I don't think any of them are worth the price (or the frustration when the numbers stink).

I would recommend saving the money you would spend on a fancy scale and using it towards: 1) a plain old scale (to track trends), 2) tape measure, 3) cost of having your bf tested at a gym or health club with calipers.

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