Black wrist band on Workouts

carol d.

Hi, Cathe -

I've always been curious about the black wristband you wear in almost all of your workouts. Is it just a rubberband for a quickie hair pull-back? Or some sort of good luck or symbolic band that you've always worn, so you don't want to stop?

Odd question, I know... but I've always wanted to know. :D

Thank you for all you have done to improve my lifestyle and health awareness!


I read somewhere on here that she does it as a trick to remind her that HER left is OUR right when she is instructing us to "kick your Right foot"....or whatever.

I am not sure if that is accurate, but sounds plausible. I notice she doesn't wear the band on her wrist in many of the latest videos.

I would be curious to know if that is, in fact, what she uses it for.


Gobias...I read the same thing and your right I have noticed on her newer workouts there is no band.


Hi all,

This question has been asked several times over the years. Here is one of Cathe's responses to it from a thread dated 12-6-06:

"...Yes, I used to wear my black wristband to help me keep my opposite rights and lefts straight. Now I feel "naked" without my wristband and use it for good luck:) "

Fitness Friend and proud Cathlete,



She has them on in some of the newer workouts like crossfire and xtrain bi's & tri's. I noticed them today when I was workingout.

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