Black Friday STS Special


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This is a video clip from STS Disc#1

Did you know that to make STS we teamed up with some of the world's best talent, including NFL Films and a highly accomplished team of 16 nationally known music composers who spent eight months creating and scoring over hundreds of pieces of music to every exercise and break in STS to give it a truly unique and powerful sound.

The filming and editing of STS was done at a standard normally only seen in major movie productions and we can't thank NFL Films enough for the tremendously outstanding job they did in filming and editing the 40 STS workouts. The multiple camera angles, great close ups and meticulous editing puts STS into class of its own.

STS is on sale now for only $2.75 per video when you purchase our STS 40 DVD discount bundle - Our lowest price ever! You can shop now at: Act now, sale ends soon!

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