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So I went bike riding yesterday and I woke up so sore. Does anybody know of some kind of padded seat or padded shorts that I can buy so that it wont hurt so much?
MJ, some of that soreness will just go away with time. You have to let your adjust to the activity. You didn't mention where you are sore, and that makes a difference in figuring out how to fix the problem. Are your female soft tissues sore? Is it your sitbones? Your coccyx? It really makes a difference.

Note: a padded saddle will not necessarily help, it could even hurt. With that said, there are all kinds of different saddles to try, and saddle pads you can get to go over the saddle. There are also all kinds of different padded shorts to try as well. You might want to go to your bike store and discuss the problem with them and they can you help you fix it.

Good luck. Biking can be fun, but comfort is really important or you won't stick with it.
You know I think your right when you say that I need to get use to it. I use to bike ride before but got use to the soreness or maybe it went away with time I dont remember. The soreness is right in between my legs right in my who-who area the bones in there like in there. Anyway thanks maybe I try those padded shorts.
I also bought a bike trailor to bring my 4 year old along but like I said it's been a while and biking is brutual when you havent done it in a while. I could run my but off but can't even ride for more than 1/2 withhout my legs killing me? Thats weird.. Anyway I'm thinking of returning it. I could barely ride myself let alone my four year old child who weighs 41 lbs...LOL
If you have an old or non-supportive saddle, it could be that it needs replacing...however, a good quality seat won't really "look" cushy or padded. The Terry company makes lots of nice seats especially designed for women, or your local bike store will have plenty of options (and should be able to tell you if there is anything wrong with your seat, but be careful of people that just want to make a sale).

The most effective thing you can do is get good quality biking shorts. Yes, if you haven't worn them before (and been around rides where everyone else does), they may seem to look a little funny...tight lycra with very obvious padding in the crotch and halfway up the backside. However, they really work, and everyone DOES wear them. Black is usually the most flattering and minimizing color. Be sure to get ones recommended for comfort and distance, not Tri-shorts or spin shorts...those may look "cuter" due to their shorter length and much thinner padding, but that's exactly why you DON'T want them for road bike rides of any significant time/distance. If you are very self-conscious, they do make some with matching "skirt" coverups, either as a separate piece that you can put on when you're not on the bike, or as one unit. The skirts that are intended for riding look restrictive to me, but I've never tried them.

Your comfort, health, and safety are the most important things...get good shorts! (The padding in the shorts also often have an antimicrobial feature...remember that bike shorts are meant to be worn without an underwear layer, which could cause chafing at the seams as well as defeat the antimicrobial purpose).

(many online sources...Team Estrogen, Terry,, etc, just do a search on women's bicycle apparel...or a local store of course).
My current favorite shorts are made by Sugoi.
If your child is 4, it probably would be good to return the trailer and get a "third wheel" instead. Here is some text from an educational bicycle website (

"If you want to have a family outing with a distant destination, as you child outgrows their child seat (~ age 3) or trailer (~ age 4), there are a couple of options to consider: tandems (and even triples and quads) with child stoker kits (a.k.a kidback, kid-back or kid kit) on the rear seat(s) and third wheel / trailer cycles. In both cases your children will be right with you no matter how fast you ride. People have done some serious bike touring on both kinds of set."

(Scroll past the infant and childseat sections if you want to see the rest of this on that page of the website)


Here is a link to a video of the third-wheel in action:
One more thing

There is a product called Body Glide that you apply to your "who-who" just like a deodorant stick. It helps some too, just like the bike shorts will. Keeps everything sliding around rather than sticking to itself. Sorry about the TMI, but I've been riding 3000 miles a year for awhile, and these little things help, but if you don't know about them...

Good luck!
I bought shorts from They are padded bike shorts but don't look it at all. They, or padded shorts in general, will help. I just like these b/c they don't look like you are wearing a diaper and the fabric is not lycra! Also, yes, the seat and the angle of the seat can make such a difference. That said, you body will also get used to it. If you are just doing short rides, that is probably all you need - just to get used to it.
I found that padded seats didn't help me in the least. But I did go to the local bike place and got the cutest bike skirt! Underneath the skirt it has super padded bike shorts and although it feels weird to walk in them they are really comfortable to wear when I go on a 15-20 mile bike ride. Yes, they were expensive (for my budget, at least) but soooo worth it and super cute.

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