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I've been working out with Cathe videos a long time, and they've always made me feel better (if sorer). I'm really over the top now, with the sudden death of my brother due to another driver, and have been trying to work out some of the anger/denial feelings with exercise. It's always helped before with bad days, when I need a break. Long walks haven' t helped this time, and alcohol's not a good choice (We all drank way too much around the memorial.)

What are the Dvds/premixes that help other people get out frustration and stress best? I have most of her videos. I did KPC, but it really wasn't enough. Maybe I should try something harder or something easier. Working out with Cathe and crew usually make me feel stronger or give me that cardio mood boost, but my brain is short on ideas just now. Suggestions?
I’m so very sorry to hear about your brother. It’s devastating to lose a sibling and you have my deepest sympathy.

For me, boxing workouts help me work out my feelings, so it reaosnated with me that you reached for KPC. Recently, I saw this “angry workout” posted and thought I’d give it a try next time I’m struggling; however, this is not Cathe level, but looking at it made me think it really would help with anger.

Wishing you peace.
My deepest condolences. Sending love during this difficult time.

I am a step junkie. So they always boost my mood. Also think kickboxing workouts are a great option.
I'm so sorry. I just lost my mother-in-law in very horrible circumstances. For me, I've found the best stress relief doing workouts that are tough, yes, but also have a significant fun factor. I can lose myself in the moment and for a little while at least my mind isn't dwelling on tragedy. I did a Cathe Live two days after MIL passed away that really lifted my spirits at that time; it's the one that aired February 14 called "Hearts On Fire".
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely get a heavy bag for the basement - hadn't thought of that. I did BodyMax 2 cardio, and then the Anger and Frustration video Trixoo linked to. The elbow strikes on the cushion second time around winded me, and I liked the punching at the end.

I lost my mom last year(long illness), my beloved bunny's (see avatar) heart is going into failure, and then my super alive and incredible big brother is suddenly gone. I'm going to be beating up a lot of pillows in the weeks to come. It hurts, but his wife, kids, and our dad have it so much worse, and that makes me even angrier and sadder. Punching and step workouts are a help, as is crying. And I seem to remember that there are heavy bag bonus workouts I've not done. My brother had a heavy bag when we were little, so there are good memories there.

Thanks for the sympathy. It still seems kind of unreal.
I'm sorry for your loss, emjayhawk.
I'm so sorry for your loss. It's terrible what you've endured. My deepest condolences. Give yourself credit for doing something positive w/ your grief. Others would choose a different path.

I agree w/ Kickboxing/boxing. It has always helped me when I'm down, angry, depressed, stressed, anxious etc. If you don't have a bag to hit, maybe wearing some weighted gloves or holding a 1 or 2 lb weight would help. If you like cardio, maybe Crossfire, To the Max, X10, Imax or something along those lines that force you to pay attention. Be well.
I find to deal with the really tough stuff like anger and grief I need something that I REALLY have to concentrate on. What I discovered is rucking which is taking a weighted pack and just walking or doing a modified run with it on trails. The concentration needed to insure my safety while picking my way along a trail is quite intense, it takes me to a totally different head space. I love, love, love my Cathe workouts but if I'm doing something familiar my mind gets pulled out of what I'm doing and all those feelings surface. Yes, you need to deal with those feelings but you also need something to pull you out of a self defeating loop that prevents you from healing and moving forward.
I'm so sorry about your brother and please accept my deepest condolences as it is never easy losing a beloved sibling (my little brother died suddenly and unexpectedly 3 years ago so I truly sympathize). The anger and frustration that come with grief can be so hard but god for you for channeling it in a healthy way! I agree with everyone who mentioned boxing/kickboxing since punching at something always helps....
Thanks for the sympathy and suggestions! I have been trying Cathe workouts in particular because she's great, and the familiar faces make me more comfortable. But the infrequently done and/or challenging workouts are really best, as Icelover said. Doing To The Max and PRS1 yesterday took energy and focus, plus Rockout Knockout with 1 pound gloves,slide and glide, and a walk on an icy trail helped some today. I think I'll buy Strong and Sweaty, one series I don't have, because it scared me as too advanced. Still undecided. But Cathe always has modifications, so it should be worth a go. I'm very grateful for the at home workouts I can do anytime, and in privacy. It's another reason to appreciate Cathe.
My sincerest condolences to you on the loss of your family members and all the loss and heartaches you are going through.
Very happy to read that you have been discovering therapeutic fitness outlets. Like so many, I also like a good punching/boxing routine to get out pent up frustration or anger. I find just letting myself grunt, sigh loudly and curse freely while punching very helpful. LET IT OUT. For a calming effect however, there's nothing like the outdoors in the winter or a long swim at the pool for me. I would also strongly recommend joining a grief support group, if you can find one. Try not to spend too much time on your own, even though this can be our natural inclination during times of hurt. Just another person's touch, smile or being able to talk about the little things that aren't related to all the hurt has an anger diffusing effect, I find. Not that anger is a wrong or always negative feeling. Given your circumstances, it's natural.
Sending snuggles to (((your bunny))).
My condolences to you, mince. And GOOD for YOU to work through these very difficult and intense feelings in a healthy way.
An additional suggestion...some days you may fine Cathe's yoga workouts (from her Low Impact Series) of benefit. I find the deep breathing of yoga can really help me relax on days when the stress level is high. On those days when you are fatigued, perhaps a bit depressed or can't seem to muster the energy for a full-on workout, the shorter premixes on Yoga Relax and Yoga Max (about 30 mins.) or even Cathe's 12-19 minute extended stretch workouts (from STS or LITE) can fit the bill and may even lift the spirits.
Be gentle with yourself and take care.
Yes to what Jane said - while it's helpful to punch and grunt your way through the emotional pain (which I know can be unbearable at times) relaxation/breathing through yoga can help with the stress as well. Do what feels right for you in the moment and don't beat yourself up if you don't think you're doing things "right" (if that makes sense). And as a side note: if you can handle To The Max no worries about Strong and Sweaty being too tough.... I'm sorry again for your loss and am wishing the best... :)
I'll go ahead and order the Strong and Sweaty. Really familiar workouts let one's mind wander too much (though the complex choreography of PRS1 was good.) I should try the yoga or at least yoga breathing, since I'm burning a crazy amount of calories without eating much. But at least my bunny likes to see me workout, and used to hop on me during planks or child's pose. Obviously, if I'm on the ground, I want to play.

And this is a big push to finally make a will, or trust, or something. (I have autistic adult son.) Surviving relatives have a rough enough time without having to sort out finances. Ugh. May as well get through more unpleasantness now to make a less stressful future for all involved.

BTW, my husband loved that YouTube video, and wants another cushion to beat up so we're not left with nowhere comfortable to sit.
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I'm so sorry about your brother. I know during times of stress and upheaval I really need my workouts to distract me so my brain stops fixating and obsessing over my problems. Kickboxing of course is great to work out aggressive feelings and anger, but I wanted to suggest step workouts to help too. I've been into Cathe's step workouts lately and I've found that a really cardio intense, challenging step workout helps keep me from thinking about anything else. It takes a lot of focus to do step choreography so you literally can't think about anything else, plus the cardio endorphins really lift my spirits. I definitely agree with you on needing intense workouts at a time like this. Some folks do well with yoga at times like these. Maybe that's something for you to consider later after the initial shock, anger and stress has subsided a bit and the inevitable feelings of depression settle in. For now, I totally get your need for intensity to work out all those feelings of frustration and anger. {Hugs}

Edit: If you want something different that you don't already have memorized, maybe consider signing up for Cathe Live. She has lots of step workouts on there.

Edit 2: Oh and as far as Strong and Sweaty, I didn't find that series any harder than anything else Cathe has put out. Honestly, I found the intensity a bit of a step down compared to Ripped with Hiit and certainly To the Max or Crossfire. You'll be just fine with that series.
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My beloved bunny passed on yesterday. She was so affectionate, and soft, and special. I really couldn't do anything but cry - forgot to eat, too. But I did extreme mix PRS1 recently, and the finished product takes complete attention. I added a S&S mix for next month, and made a rotation for the rest of the month with just one workout a day. I don't eat enough for all this cardio, even though it helps emotionally. It's just so heartbreaking not to have Tampopo (my bunny) with me, after so many years with her living in my bedroom and coming over to see me to beg for a treat and pats.

My "library" of Cathe videos is extensive, but she's always coming up with ways to challenge and push me, so I have to pay attention and get pretty exhausted. I noticed that I haven't done much with Fit|Split as well as Strong and Sweaty, so there's more to try. It doesn't help for long, but every hour of distraction is helpful. Fit|Split looks tough, too.
I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother and now your sweet bunny!! Your heart must hurt so much. Sending hugs and prayers. Keep hanging in there! Glad the workouts are helping. You're an inspiration. Remember to nourish yourself.
...okay, this breaks my heart. I am gulping down hurt for you. Please be kind to yourself; you have loved and lost a lot. Peace.

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